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Welcome to the Way of Nature Fellowship

Vision Quests, Contemporary Solo Quests in Nature, Nature Quests, Sacred Passages, Meditation Retreats, Rites of Passage, Awareness Training, Dzogchen Training and Practice, Qi Gong and T'ai Chi Training, Study of ancient Shamanic Practices, and Traditional Wilderness Quest opportunities are all available through our Sacred Passage and The Way of Nature Programs.

Sacred Passage, and its shorter program called NatureQuest, are a powerful Awareness Training and meditation retreat, combined with a guided, contemporary solo quest in the wild. This solo is inspired by the classical Native American Vision Quest, but is different from native vision quests in that it focuses on a powerful interfaith approach to enlightenment and and on deep communion with Inner and Outer Nature. Experiencing a Sacred Passage will have a deeply transforming and liberating effect on your life. John P. Milton created The Awareness Training to incorporate his Twelve Principles which distill the core teachings of the world’s liberating, Earth-honoring spiritual traditions. The Awareness Training is an all-denominational, inter-faith path that provides profound exposure to the teachings and practices of Buddhism, Taoism, Dzogchen, Vedanta, Hindu Tantra and several shamanic traditions. Judaic, Christian and Sufi nature-based wisdom traditions – as well as Earth-centered spirituality - also continue to be inspiring sources. The Training gives particular emphasis to three passions:

  1. Cultivating your life energy utilizing Qi Gong, T’ai Chi, Yoga and shamanic approaches
  2. Freeing and nurturing your deep spiritual union with Gaia, Mother Earth
  3. Helping you open direct recognition of Source Awareness, and then allowing that realization to integrate into all of life

The Way of Nature Fellowship’s Programs provide you the means to:

Welcome to the Way of Nature Fellowship

  • Experience our unique Awareness Training
  • Experience Liberating, Enlightening Source within
  • Clarify your life's higher purpose
  • Increase your deepest levels of creativity
  • Generate abundant internal power and vitality
  • Master profound relaxation and presence
  • Open your inner peace and tranquility
  • Discover your natural simplicity
  • Realize your essence
  • Commune deeply with Nature
  • Experience the natural joy inherent within you

“A great majority of people have reported a dramatic reduction of daily stress, a substantial increase in creativity, and a much more centered and harmonious awareness.”

Sacred Passage is The Way of Nature Fellowship’s best-known program. However, we also provide NatureQuests, regional Awareness Trainings, Advanced Awareness Trainings taught by John Milton and workshops that do not include a solo quest. Aside from some profoundly Earth-honoring traditions such as the Vision Quest and some Taoist Cultivation Paths, The Way of Nature Fellowship is concerned that honoring Mother Earth is not prominent in most spiritual paths and religions available today. To open this vital view, The Way of Nature programs deepen your loving communion with Mother Earth and help you realize Primordial Source, your fundamental true Nature.

Our popular Sacred Passage and NatureQuest programs now offer regularly scheduled Awareness Trainings, solo quests and meditation retreats in: coastal Southern Baja California, Southern Arizona's Chiricahua Mountains and the Sonoran Desert, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Southern Colorado, the natural arches and red-rock canyon country of Southwest USA, the Shenandoah Valley of the Appalachian Mountains, the ancient mountains and coastlines of Europe, the Sacred Island of Bali and, last but not least, Asia's Himalayan Mountains and Tibet.

The majority of our Sacred Passage solo quest and Awareness Training sites are coordinated with well established Sacred Passage base camps on private land, giving you a secure, regenerative quest experience in each of the diverse Sacred Passage camp locations. From the moment you settle into your Sacred Passage home circle, the experience is safer than a normal hike. This awareness of natural simplicity and harmony is your first threshold to renewing your connection of inner and outer nature.

Before you begin your solo quest time, a highly skilled Sacred Passage guide will provide a three to five day Meditation and Awareness Training Intensive, designed to help you realize the integration of both inner nature and the outer natural world. Much of this unique training utilizes John's 12 Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation as the core vehicle for training (see the website menu for more on the 12 Principles). This Awareness Training is also a key part of the one and a half days of re-entry—the adjustment time that allows you to incorporate the insights from the Passage into your everyday life.

After the seven-day quest solo, a great majority of people have reported a dramatic reduction of daily stress, a substantial increase in creativity, and a much more centered and harmonious awareness, all of which help you meet life's changes and challenges. A deep connection of one's inner and outer Nature, and a profound union with Source are Sacred Passage's greatest gifts to you.

If you would like to enter more deeply into The Way of Nature’s Awareness Training and its longer solo quests, we offer Intermediate and Advanced Awareness Trainings. The Intermediate training includes a 28-day solo proceeded by three-weeks of special Awareness Training. The Advanced Awareness training is a 5 to 7-year process including two or three Awareness Training sessions each year and culminating in a 108-day solo and pilgrimage. If you would like to become a Sacred Passage Guide, our program also offers certified Guide and Teacher Training. Should you wish to pursue any of these Trainings, we accept applications for review and selection.

The Way of Nature Fellowship is an international spiritual community. Regional support and practice groups can be found throughout the United States, Ireland, France, Chile, Mexico and Sweden. We encourage you to explore the information provided on this web-site to discover the many ways you can become involved in The Way of Nature Fellowship.

In order to help widen the benefits of our teachings, practices and service, we are actively encouraging growth of The Way of Nature Fellowship regional study and service groups world-wide. If you would like to join a local Way of Nature group in your area, please contact the office for details. If no group currently exists in your vicinity, we would be glad to support you in the formation of a new regional or national group. Again, please contact our office for details on how we might assist you. We also support Native American efforts to honor and protect the traditional Vision Quest process.

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