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Awareness Training,

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Welcome to Way of Nature!

Awareness Training, Contemporary Solo Wilderness Quests,

and Meditation Retreats in Nature


Way of Nature is a global community of creative and passionate souls who are committed to exploring and sharing the liberating recognition of Source Awareness as our true nature. Through this deep awareness blooms new appreciation for, and ever-deepening communion with, the magnificent Earth on which we live and all the life that thrives upon it. 

MX-Baja-SP-Ph-JPM-0119-sunset-stones-silhouette-squareAppealing to a variety of seekers, from the young to the old and every class, color, shape and personality in between... Way of Nature has been a universal, nature-based path to liberation for thousands of people who wish to deepen their connection with the natural world, and in doing so, reveal their true inner nature. 

Our process combines all-denominational Awareness Training with meditative time spent alone (AllOne) in Nature.  This path creatively transmits ancient wisdom from both our Ancestors and the Earth for contemporary application in the world as it exists today.  With roots that stem from many of the world's great liberating lineages, the path of Way of Nature is truly unique, effective, and illuminated by the indescribable joy that arises with the recognition and deep gratitude of authentic communion. 


"How each of us connects to our sense of faith and spirit is intensely personal, and I am convinced that whatever creed you follow... spending time alone in nature is a very powerful way of connecting to your deepest sense of Self...  If used in the way of the Spiritual Warrior on a massive scale... we can begin the process of saving us from ourselves."   ~David Hodes, Sacred Passage, October, 2008


“Attune the inner pace of your life with Nature's rhythms through ancient principles and teachings. Imagine yourself alone, deep in a beautiful, pristine wilderness. No distractions, nothing to disturb the tranquility. Alone. All One.”


We invite you to explore our site to learn more about what it is that inspires us, what we wish to share with the world, and how you can be a part of this vision. 

Explore.  Play.  Enjoy.   Get lost in the possibilities.... be found in the awareness of them.

~John P. Milton (WoN Founder) & the Way of Nature Community


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"Great Healing happens when one is willing to

connect with Essence and commune with Nature."

- John P. Milton 



Upcoming Events

Bali Qi Gong 2015
12-03-2015 12:00 am
Sacred Passage Baja January 2016
01-07-2016 12:00 am
Sacred Passage, Costa Rica, Feb 2016
01-28-2016 12:00 am