Weekend of Natural Renewal Fall 2017 - Kripalu, MA

Weekend of Renewal: The Path of Natural Liberation

with John P. Milton

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, MA

September 29th to October 1st

DSC 1112 John meditatingWe are honored to announce that Way of Nature founder, John P. Milton, has been invited to teach a special weekend of Natural Renewal at the renowned Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts!

In this intentionally Spiritual and Eco-conscious environment, John will begin by sharing the heart essence of Way of Nature, the Twelve Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation. These principles stem from a unique blending of personal experience, Earth-honoring lineages, Indigenous traditions and Ancestral wisdom. Among these include Buddhism, Tantra, Taoism, Native American wisdom, and more, to which he has dedicated over 70 years of study and practice. Applied in Nature, the principles perform as a powerful method of connecting and aligning inner and outer Nature, supporting deep relaxation, presence, reconnection and Source Awareness. 

The Program will consist of energy practices, teachings, reflective dialogue and personal practice through time alone (AllOne) in Nature, providing you with the opportunity to practice what has been shared and to deeply connect with inner and outer Nature. The meditative tools you learn will expand your capacity to establish a deep and lasting connection with Source Awareness, and with all of life. Many who have been through this Awareness Training report a greatly enhanced ability to handle stress, amplified access to one's own unique creativity, and a renewed discovery of the basic joy of life.

IE Ph JPM DSCN3200 royal family qi gong lrEach morning John will share a series of Qi Gong energy cultivation practices, which are easy to learn and suitable for all ages, designed to deepen your experience of energetic connection to all life. He will also include teaching T'ai Chi for Liberation, a very effective way of cultivating Universal Energy as a gentle energetic path to revealing Source.

The Natural Renewal Program will conclude with reflective dialogue and concrete practices to help you integrate your experience back into your everyday life.



To Register for this retreat, go to: 'Weekend of Renewal' registration at Kripalu.org

Learn more about Kripalu and this unique Retreat Opportunity at www.Kripalu.org


John P. Milton's Background

John P. Milton is an early ecologist, one of the founding fathers of the modern environmental movement. He worked and studied extensively in many of the world's shamanic and enlightening traditions, beginning with his first Vision Quest at age seven. Since then, starting in the 1950's, John was one of the first to bring a contemporary Vision Quest form into western culture. One of his hopes is that by introducing this profound process to the West, many modern imbalances due to disconnection from Nature can be healed.

John has distilled the common ground found in many Nature-connected cultures; he brings this distillation of deep wisdom and Nature-connected practice into a pathway that is accessible to all. He brought this pathway together by founding Way of Nature in the 1970's.

This initiative provides three main goals: 

  1. A clear, universal way to access pure Source Awareness
  2. A way of refining our experiential connections to Nature
  3. A direct path to allow our true purpose for this lifetime to be realized.

John has published numerous books, articles, DVDs and audio teachings. Some of the most relevant to our Course include the book, "Sky Above, Earth Below: Spiritual Practice in Nature," and four DVD's produced with Sounds True: "T'ai Chi for Liberation," and the three DVD set "Qigong for Long Life."

You can read more about John's life, accomplishments and vision here!

Event Properties

Event Date 09-29-2017 7:30 pm
Event End Date 10-01-2017 12:00 pm

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