2017 European Tour


2017 Way of Nature

European Spring/Summer Tour

with John P. Milton


SE Sami SP Ph JPM 4109 John mudraWe are pleased to announce the dates for this year's European Tour with John P. Milton!  This tour will focus on a variety of subjects and retreat opportunities.  From a Reconnection & Renewal workshop at the world-renowned Findhorn Ecovillage and at the beautiful Schumacher College in the UK, to Natural Renewal among the rolling hills of Tuscany, and Nature Quests in Netherlands, Norway and Austria, this year's tour has something to offer everyone!

Mark your Calendars!

May 1 - 5th Schumacher College UK - Natural Renewal Program
May 7 - 13th Netherlands - Nature Quest
May 16th Netherlands- Internal Alchemy Master Class
June 16 - 18th Tuscany, Italy - Natural Renewal Program
June 21 - 28th Norway - Nature Quest
July 1 - 8th Austria - Nature Quest
July 9 - 14th Findhorn Ecovillage UK
July 16 - 23rd Denmark program


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This tour will offer various programs and retreat opportunities focusing on Earth-honoring teachings that are essential to personal & spiritual development. WoN processes will be explored as a direct method of accessing Source and unveiling your True Nature. They will help you develop deep ecological awareness and natural harmony within yourself and your environment. From this authentic connection springs forth enhanced mental clarity, creativity, deep relaxation, and an open, radiant heart. 


All are welcome and encouraged to attend these unique International events!


Schumacher College UK - 3  Day Natural Renewal Retreat

Description: Way of Nature invites you to join us for a special 3 day Natural Renewal program with John P. Milton at the world-renown Schumacher College in Devon England. This is John's first visit to the wild surrounds of the College on the beautiful Dartington Hall Estate. This retreat includes an evening social and 3 days of Awareness Training with John that will take place in the beautiful forests on the Dartington Hall Estate. John will introduce Qi Gong and meditation techniques delivered in an interfaith, universal format that pays homage to many of the world's great liberating traditions.  The morning teachings will be followed by an afternoon AllOne time solo - time alone in Nature - where you will practice the teachings and make a deeper connection with Nature. You will all come together again at the end of each day to share your experiences and for John's guidence in integrating your experience back into your daily routine.

Date: May 2 - 5th, 2017

Registration: https://www.schumachercollege.org.uk/courses/short-courses/nature-renewal

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Netherlands- Nature Quest

Description: Way of Nature Netherlands invites you to join us on a very special Nature Quest with John P. Milton on Terschelling, one of the Duch Wadden Islands.  This retreat includes 3 days of Awareness Training with John P. Milton that will take place at base camp in West, the town where boats arrive from the Mainland.  John will introduce Qi Gong and meditation techniques delivered in an interfaith, universal format that pays homage to many of the world's great liberating traditions.  Half way through Awareness Training, you will go out on a 3-day 3-night 'AllOne Time' Nature Solo in the grassy dunes to practice these teachings in solitude.  This allows you to escape the common distractions that often interfere with the ability to remain present, and fully dedicate your awareness to the experience at hand. The remaining training days will help you integrate your experience back into your daily routine, and provide time to share your AllOne Time journey with others.

Date: May 7-13th, 2017

Registration: http://www.wayofnature.nl/naturequest2017english/

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Italy- Tuscany Reconnection and Renewal Retreat

Description: Join us for 3 days of Reconnection and Renewal with John P. Milton on Monte Labbro in the south of Tuscany.  John will provide 3 days of Awareness Training interspersed with meditative time spent alone, AllOne, in Nature.  The teachings include universal energy cultivating practices unique to Way of Nature and from some of the world's great liberating conditions, including Qi Gong, Meditation, and practices on mindfulness, relaxation, and sensory refinement.  Read more...

Date: June 16-18th, 2017

Registration: Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register and for more information

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Norway- Nature Quest

Description: This is the first opportunity to experience a Nature Quest Retreat with John P. Milton in the wilderness of Norway. The retreat will take place in the mountain regions near the city of Stavanger, where you find extraordinarily powerful and beautiful sites with a variation from softer green highland meadows with mountain birch woods, to rocky mountains with lakes, sparkling streams and grand views.

John provides 1.5 days of Awareness Training from a deep realization of Daoist mind-body practices and energetically based forms of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. These are sensory-based pathways of cultivating universal wisdom, the opening of the heart and addressing universal love.  A 4-day, 4-night AllOne Time Nature Solo gives participants the opportunity to practice the teachings in solitude without distraction. John will then provide 2 days of Reintegration Training to help you carry your AllOne Time experience into your daily life.  Read more...

Date: June 21-28th, 2017

Registration: Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register and for more information


Austria- Nature Quest for Leaders

Description: Do you want to re-energise, develop and refocus your sense of purpose?  The Nature Quest for Leaders takes you on a profound journey of self-development. Seven days of relaxation and reflection are supported by contemplative practices from ancient traditions taught by John P. Milton. This motivating retreat includes teachings with a true master and a 4-day 3-night AllOne Time nature solo, where you are immersed in a beautiful and safe natural environment.

Date: July 1-8th, 2017

Registration: http://www.nature-quest-austria.com/home

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Scotland- Findhorn EcoVillage- Reconnection and Renewal Retreat

Description: This program takes place at the thoroughly inspiring Findhorn Foundation and Ecovillage Community, on the wild coast of Northern Scotland. Through this week, John will share lessons on his Twelve Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation, supporting relaxation, presence, reconnection and what he calls ‘Source Awareness’. The Program will consist of energy cultivation practices, deep wisdom teachings, group conversations and a profound 'AllOne Time' solo immersion in Nature. Being at Findhorn, we will place special attention on reconnection and replenishment with the land.

Date: July 9-14th, 2017

Registration: http://wayofnature.co.uk/retreats/#johnpmilton

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Denmark- Integrated Nature Retreat

Description: John P. Milton will be back to host a retreat at Louns again this summer. This program is primarily for people who have received training by John or Jes Bertelsen before. John will guide practices of how we may begin to sense through the different facets of being and reconnect with Nature in wholeness. The program will be divided into 2-days of Awareness Training, a 4-day AllOne Time solo retreat in Nature, followed by 2-days of Reintegration Training. All nights will be spent on one’s own site in Nature in a tent or under a tarp.

Date: July 16-23rd, 2017

Registration: http://www.vaekstcenteret.dk/kursusdetaljer.asp?NodeId=23&CourseId=236





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