Source Awareness Retreat Summer 2017

Source Awareness Retreat

Sacred Land Sanctuary • Crestone, CO USA

August 3rd - 23rd, 2017


This August we are gathering in Crestone, Colorado, to continue on the interfaith, nature-honoring path to deepening and maintaining direct experiential connection to fundamental Source Awareness. This Summer will be the last of two retreats between 2016 and 2017, which will provide a Way of opening to Source based on John's uncovering the common ground of some of the world's greatest pathways to realizing One's True Nature. This exceptional program will last 21 days in early August, and will be held on the lands of the Sacred Land Sanctuary in Crestone, including the new Cave Retreat sites!

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This year's teachings will provide additional techniques to access and maintain the ability to rest in pure Source Awareness, empowering participants to go deeper and for longer amounts of time.  John will also provide training on integrating that awareness into a wide variety of circumstances and daily life. This training will be extremely helpful when entering back into your daily routine, providing you with the tools to maintain an awareness of Source despite common distractions and stressors.

New ground will be explored that has not been traversed in John's teachings during previous Sacred Passages, Guide Trainings and both intermediate and Advanced Training Cycles!

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Rustic camping is provided at the Sacred Land Sanctuary during the retreat. There are also a variety of housing options in downtown Crestone and the Baca, as well as B&B or Airbnb options through local residents. We do, however, suggest camping for the majority of the retreat so as to fully benefit from the natural healing energies of the Earth in this beautiful, majestic location. North Crestone Creek will provide refreshingly crisp, pure drinking water when used with your water filtration system.

During the group training portion of this program, we will often dine in town. A group decision will be made as to where we will go for meals. If you prefer to prepare your own meals at base camp, you are welcome to do so using the simple cooking facility available to you there. Fresh, organic foods are available from two markets in town. Please note that it is important to properly seal your food in a bear-proof canister if camping! The cost of meals and accommodations other than camping are not included in the price of the program.

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Update: This is the last year that this retreat will be offered.  If you are new to Way of Nature and would like to attend this year's Source Awareness training, it is required that you have an established long-standing non-dual meditation practice and familiarized yourself with John's teachings. You can learn more about WoN's teachings through John's book, Sky Above, Earth Below, available on Amazon

The material being taught within this series of Source Awareness Trainings requires focus, dedication and respect. These potent teachings have seldom been taught to Westerners, and it is asked that they are received while in a state of clarity and commitment. Therefore, this year participants will not be permitted to arrive and depart on days other than the dates specified for this retreat.  It is important that all participants receive the full teachings without distraction.

We believe that the teachings offered through Way of Nature are essential for the growth and well-being of humanity and the preservation of our planet.  They have the power to revolutionize our relationship to ourselves, the Earth, and one another, creating a foundation for a society that's rooted in harmony, reverence and abundance. With that intention in mind, this program is being offered for a sliding scale of $1,800-$2,700 in hopes to influence more people through these sacred teachings in nature.

For travel information to Crestone, Colorado please visit here.

Course Requirements: Attendance of the 2016 Source Awareness Retreat or a deep, long-standing non-dual meditation practice. In order to build the unique group field necessary for this in-depth teaching, you must be able to attend the full program. Late arrivals or early departures are not acceptable.
Teaching Fee: Sliding Scale of $1,800 or $2,700... whichever you feel motivated to give in return for these teachings, or whichever you can afford. If you are paying $1,800, please enter coupon code SAR1800 when you register.  If you are paying $2,700.00, do not enter a coupon code.
Contact: Please contact WoN Guide Sandy Skibinski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She is happy to assist you with any questions you may have about our 2017 Source Awareness Retreat.


John in teepee laughing portrait DSC5882 square crop 600px lrFrom WoN Teacher, John P. Milton: "The success of our recent Guide Training has inspired me to commit to a new series of 2 summer trainings... that focuses on accessing Source from an interfaith, intercultural standpoint. Again, nature is the foundation of the temple, or the sanctuary in which we practice. I will provide insight into the main lineages in which I've trained, and as to how they've encouraged a direct opening up to Source Awareness... The second year will center on continuing the experience of being able to rest in Source, and also integrating that awareness into a wide variety of circumstances and daily life and will focus on the stabilization of the recognition and expression process. There the main focus will be on really helping people to establish an ongoing capability to maintain resting in Source in the fully integrated natural part of your being. I'm quite excited about this. I do encourage many of those who have been to previous advanced trainings to come to these three retreats... I think it's going to provide a level of connectivity to the deepest level, which I think finally we're ready to focus on as a Fellowship."


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Event Properties

Event Date 08-03-2017
Event End Date 08-23-2017
Cut off date 08-02-2017
Individual Price $2,700.00
Location Sacred Land Sanctuary, Crestone, CO
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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