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Way of Nature founder John P. Milton has led pilgrimages and done spiritual practice within the magical, sacred lands of Bali over many years. The native people of this amazing Hindu island culture have preserved one of Southeast Asia's most deeply spiritual ways of life, making it the ideal location to further explore your true nature. 

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AID-Bali-Ph-JPM- DSC0826-400px Sacred Pilgrimage here immerses one deeply in Bali's ceremonies, temples and incredibly beautiful landscapes.  The notoriously friendly Balinese share with us their secrets to a life of harmony and sacredness in every step. 

WoN programs that have been hosted here in the past artfully blend Balinese beliefs with Qi Gong, Taoist Internal Alchemy, unique and effective meditation practices, and our universal 12 Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation. This provides participants with a balanced and culturally-rich perspective in which to go deeper within themselves.


Devotional cultivation of the path to the Divine Feminine is often an important part of our Bali retreats. This focuses on honoring Kali, Durga and Bagalama through ceremony, prayer, mantra and meditation as part of our deep exploration and cultivation of the Divine Feminine.With the help of the rich tradition of spiritual teachers here, the ceremonies, practices and modes of spiritual cultivation of the remarkable Balinese People are woven into Way of Nature practices during retreat.  Of particular interest is the Balinese mastery of bringing the Sacred View into every aspect of everyday life - and exploring how to create this spiritual harmony in our own lives, wherever we are.


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