Way of Nature Pyrenees Mountains of France & Spain

Way of Nature Pyrenees is an international branch of WoN, located in the Pyrenees Mountains of France and Spain.  This location offers powerful experiences in Nature that help you awaken and embody a true awareness of your soul's purpose, essence, and joy. 




The mythical-rich Basque Mountains create a beautiful and supportive environment for the inspirational teachings, expert guidance, and solo AllOne time of Sacred Passage and Nature Quest retreats.  The Basque legends are full of magical creatures and tales of Nature that enrich the connections and inner work which you explore as you immerse yourself in the beauty of these mountains.  The environment is rich in soft, rolling green mountains, a powerful seaside, emerald moss-covered forests, and friendly animals, such as eagles, hawks, foxes, wild horses, and many more. 


WoN Pyrenees offers Nature AllOne time retreats spanning from 1 to 14 days.  They include the classic teachings of Way of Nature's 12 Guiding Principles, the Rainbow Light Mediation, and the 11 Direction Ceremony, among various other energy-cultivating, shamanic and local rituals.  These practices enlighten and expand our perception by refining our sensual experience of the natural world around and within us. 


Way of Nature Pyrenees is a wonderful place to come and cultivate inner tranquility, natural liberation and a deeper connection to your true essence!

Please visit the Way of Nature Pyrenees website at www.wayofnature-pyrenees.com for more information about the region and retreat opportunities!




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