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"Empty yourself of everything.  Let the mind rest at peace.  The ten thousand things rise and fall while the Self watches their return.  They grow and flourish and then return to the Source.  Returning to the Source is stillness, which is the way of Nature.  The way of Nature is unchanging."  ~Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching

Who we are:


Way of Nature is a global community of creative and passionate souls who are committed to exploring and sharing the liberating recognition of Source Awareness as our true nature.  Through this deep awareness blooms new appreciation for, and ever deepening communion with, the magnificent Earth on which we live and all the life that thrives upon it. 

The spark for Way of Nature was bound to grow into something extraordinary... birthed deep in the woods within the heart of a young boy, and lovingly cultivated over a lifetime of dedication, exploration, and sharing, that spark has ignited into the global movement that we present to you here! 


How it all began:


Way of Nature was founded by John P. Milton, a pioneering ecologist who embodies a unique blending of scientific grounding in ecology with the heart and mind openness of a spiritual seeker.  For much of his life, John has labored to open what he calls "Sacred Ecology" as a new cultural foundation for the West.  Since the 1950's, John has guided thousands of people into the wilderness, sharing with them experiences and practices that cultivate a profound connection with Nature and, ultimately, Source Awareness.  He calls this path the Way of Nature.  From this path, he has developed the 12 Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation, which naturally unfold as one becomes attuned to their true inner nature through direct experiential awareness, as is often achieved in Way of Nature's foundational program, Sacred Passage.


What we offer:

Today, Way of Nature has evolved into a global following of people of all ages and nationalities who are drawn to the deep heart and soul opening of the Way of Nature process.  The main focus of this process is:
  • To assist in the recognition of Source Awareness as the liberating, foundational nature of ourselves
  • To open and deepen the experience of communion with all of life and Gaia
  • To help reveal our unique core purpose for coming into this life and how to fulfill that purpose 



Way of Nature (WoN) does not adhere to the structure of any one belief system, but rather blends a variety of spiritual and energy practices with our interfaith Twelve Principles, creating a unique, universal approach to spiritual realization.  We honor all of the great enlightening lineages and seek to express the common ground they share on the path to liberation.


John P. Milton and the global WoN community offer contemporary solo quests in Nature through a program which we call Sacred Passage.  This foundational program provides a unique opportunity for people to explore their intrinsic spiritual connection to Source through 5 days of Awareness Training and 5-6 days of solo 'AllOne' time in nature. 

For those that deeply resonate with John's teachings and the sense of awakening and communion obtained from their Sacred Passage, we offer Intermediate and Advanced Awareness training with 28 day or 44 day AllOne solos.  Five to Seven day retreats are also offered under the name Nature Quest, as well as one and two day introductory Natural Renewal programs.

"The Sacredness of this sojourn brings up awe and gratitude, and humbles me... Thank you for helping me heal the fear of a lifetime."
~Robert Wilkinson, Austin, TX

A core group of inner cultivation practices are utilized in our regular 12 Day Sacred Passage, but the Advanced Awareness Training process goes much deeper into a wide range of spiritual principles and practices for up to a period of seven years, including 28 and 44 day solos, as well as vision quests and 11 Day Dark Retreat immersions.  In this advanced training, we use our 12 Principles as the integrating matrix to help assimilate the deep training in several shamanic traditions, Taoist internal alchemy, T'ai chi, Qigong, non-dual Advaita Vedanta, Hindu & Buddhist Tantra, Dzogchen, and Vajrayana Buddhism. 


"I can assure you that when the desire arises to embrace the truth of who you are, if you are fortunate enough to have the inclination to join with John and others for an Advanced Awareness Training, you are indeed living fully in the moment.  Go for it, jump in!  You'll never regret it."  ~Bud Wilson, Advanced Awareness Training


US-CO-CRES-2014-Ph-ABG-8898-Dolphin-seatA special aspect of our shamanic training includes a unique form of Shamanic Geomancy that incorporates indigenous teachings on location and the understanding and utilization of stone meditation seats, as well as training in the earth energy meridians that support them.  This training is unique to the Way of Nature. 

Way of Nature emphasizes a path profoundly committed to healing our human relationships with Nature and Gaia.  Much of our practice is an active application of the Twelve Principles, which creatively reflects in our work with environmental and preservation projects, including documentary films, decentralized renewable energy programs, organic gardening, landscaping, and developing ecologically creative models of sustainable communities.  What makes this work unique is our personal commitment to dynamically apply our spiritual principles to our environmental efforts, consequently merging and expanding spiritual, ecological and social consciousness.

If Way of Nature sounds like something you'd like to experience or learn more about, we invite you to contact us or join our mailing list to receive periodic newsletters and stay in tune to our upcoming retreats, projects, and offerings!

Welcome to Way of Nature and Thank You for taking the time to learn more about this unique global movement!  


"How each of us connects to our sense of faith and spirit is intensely personal, and I am convinced that whatever creed you follow, however it is that you connect to Spirit and express your faith, spending time alone in nature is a very powerful way of connecting to your deepest sense of Self and can help address the question of "Who am I?" in a deep, rich, meaningful way...
...I went into the Sacred Passage wondering how a major shift in universal consciousness can be achieved, and exited knowing that time alone in communion with nature is a powerful transformational tool, and that if used in the way of the Spiritual Warrior on a massive scale... we can begin the process of saving us from ourselves."  ~David Hodes, Sacred Passage, October, 2008

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