The Master Cleanse Instructions

Use Organic ingredients, if possible:

2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice - about 1/2 lemon
2 Tbsp real maple syrup
1/10 Tsp red cayenne pepper - or more if you prefer
Medium hot to cool water - spring or purified

  • Combine fresh juice, syrup and pepper in a 10 oz. glass and fill with water. Take 5-7 times a day.


Grade B maple syrup is recommended for it's increased mineral content, however, grade A also works if that's what you prefer. If you cannot obtain maple syrup, use molasses or raw sugar cane juice. Avoid processed honey and refined sugar. Sorghum may be used, though it is less desirable.

During AllOne time, this fast is often done for three to five days during the middle of the solo. It may also be taken for the entire solo and parts of the Awareness Training for those interested in a deeper fast.

For persons of normal health, no other food or supplements should be taken for the duration of the fast. The only recommended additional components of this fast are:

  • Taking a laxative herb tea, available in health food stores, to help the body eliminate wastes released by the fast. Take upon arising in the morning, and before evening rest (it is also helpful to take the laxative tea the evening before you begin to fast)
  • Taking mint or green tea occasionally to help purify the body and reduce body odors released during detoxification.

To break the fast: for the first day or two (two days if you've done a longer fast) take several glasses of fresh orange or watermelon juice during the day, drinking them slowly. On the following day, eat miso soup with rye crackers, sparingly. The next day, continue with juice in the morning, miso soup and rye crackers for lunch, and a light vegetarian meal for dinner. After that, normal eating practices may be resumed, but continue to eat lightly for at least one week. Begin the morning with fresh lemonade or unpasteurized fruit juice, and avoid dairy, meat, and eggs for a while. Should stomach cramps or gas occur, go back to fruit juice until your system has adjusted, then continue as outlined above.

Ten-day fasts are common with this fasting system, and fasts for up to forty days are occasionally undertaken. For preparation to do Way of Nature programs, or for general maintenance of health, fasting for three to ten days, three or four times a year—once each season, ideally—is recommended.

For many, the first exposure to this fasting system will be during the twelve day Sacred Passage Awareness Training and AllOne Time. In order for the fast to unfold smoothly, it is helpful to eliminate cigarettes, coffee and all "recreational" and non-required medical drug-use at least two weeks before beginning the Passage. It is also helpful to "lighten up" one's diet, and lower food intake during this time, while emphasizing a balance of organic proteins, carbohydrates and healthy oils.

We ask that you please consult with your physician prior to embarking on any fast, particularly if you are dealing with any major health issues. If fasting on a Passage is not something you feel called to do at this time, we recommend instead eating simple, light, organic foods.

Fasting with the Master Cleanse is said to aid in; the cleansing of the digestive tract, kidneys and other organs; the removal of toxins and waste from the muscles, joints, and circulatory system; and the purification of the glandular system. Relieved of excess toxins and wastes, the body's cells, tissues and organs are revitalized, enhancing meditation, Qi Gong, GaiaFlow, yoga, and other spiritual cultivation practices.