Eleven Directions Ceremony


11 Directions Ceremony copyright lr



Gather offering substances, such as sage, sweet grass, cedar
or tobacco. Find a place in Nature that is sacred to you and familiarize
yourself with the cardinal directions. Purify your offerings by repeating
Ram Yam Kham 3 times. Imagine the power of these offerings being
magnified millions of times and repeat Om Ah Hung 3 times to empower
and amplify your blessings.


Face the East with your offering. Allow whatever natural form appears
in the East to represent the qualities of this direction, whether it be a
tree, boulder, animal or the Sun. Thank all nature beings and guides
associated with the Spiritual Birth & Awakening of the East.

Turn clockwise to the South, the direction of Life Force, Vitality, and the
Radiance of an Open Heart. Make your offering and feel deep gratitude
for all beings that assist you in experiencing the power of your own Qi.

Turn to the West, the direction of the setting Sun, where all forms
metaphorically die, dissolve, or are transformed in order to be reborn.
Allow negative thought patterns, wounds and insecurities that no longer
serve you to be received by the West and transmuted into new manifestations
of empowerment and Love. Thank all the beings who represent the West.

Turn to the North, the direction of Universal Wisdom. Honor your
teachers, the land and all beings for their transmissions and guidance.

Address the diagonal directions, visualizing the qualities of each cardinal
direction merging together. Face the Northeast and honor the symbiotic
relationship between Universal Wisdom and Spiritual Awakening. To the
Southeast, honor the union of Spiritual Awakening & Unconditional Love.
To the Southwest, honor the transformative cycle of Vitality and Death.
To the Northwest, honor the Wisdom birthed through Transformation.

Turn to the East and kneel to the Earth. Make your offering to Gaia and the
nurturing abundance she provides to all beings within and upon her.

Stand, look up, and lift your offering into the sky, giving thanks for Great
Spirit and thanking all Enlightened Beings for their teachings and love.

Turn in a slowly expanding spiral, feeling the entire mandala of the sacred
circle unifying as a field of luminosity, clarity, spaciousness & pure awareness.