Praise for Way of Nature Programs

Post-program Revelations and Expressions of the Heart...

"The Sacred Passage has been one of the most, if not the most, significant events in my life."
~Bob Burgess


"The Sacredness of this sojourn brings up awe and gratitude, and humbles me... Thank you for helping me heal the fear of a lifetime."
~Robert Wilkinson, Austin, TX

"How each of us connects to our sense of faith and spirit is intensely personal, and I am convinced that whatever creed you follow, however it is that you connect to Spirit and express your faith, spending time alone in nature is a very powerful way of connecting to your deepest sense of Self and can help address the question of "Who am I?" in a deep, rich, meaningful way...
...I went into the Sacred Passage wondering how a major shift in universal consciousness can be achieved, and exited knowing that time alone in communion with nature is a powerful transformational tool, and that if used in the way of the Spiritual Warrior on a massive scale... we can begin the process of saving us from ourselves."  ~David Hodes, Sacred Passage, October, 2008


"The (Sacred Passage) I did with you in the Chiricahuas was an enormous opening for me.  Indescribable joy... came from within."  ~Billie Bolton, Sacred Passage, Chiricahua Mountain Wilderness, Arizona

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Praise for the Teachings of John P. Milton


 "John, your work is powerful beyond words. My experience in deep connection to nature has put me completely in connection with MY nature... my authentic self, where the power to make a difference in the world resides. I wonder how many people you have given the opportunity to receive this gift... to learn that nature is not a scary place, but a sacred place; that there is no separation between me and the Earth... that all things are possible, if we just let them Be."  ~Cheryl Esposito, 2007

"What I learned with you and out in nature is so fundamental to everything else I do today. Thank you, always." ~Runa Bouius

"Your teachings continue to guide -- even when we're miles apart. Thank you, dear teacher, for ALL that you bring to the World, and to this humble student."  ~Michele Blackburn, Dark Retreat, November 2009

"John, May the dance of life expand your teachings around the World!  In those of us who have met you, they shine as bright as the Sun."  ~Katja

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Praise for Sky Above, Earth Below by John P. Milton:



"John Milton is one of the truly important teachers coming out of the American cultural context today; he has a unique capacity to help people into an encounter with nature that catalyzes their deepest sense of purpose and innate capacities as leaders."
~Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline and co-author, Presence

"John Milton is a wonderful spiritual teacher. His twelve principles are legendary and they really work. Now at last we have them in a wise and warm-hearted book. Superb!"
~W. Brian Arthur, former Dean and Virginia Morrison Professor of Economics, Stanford University


"John teaches us about our connection to the Earth, to each other, to all. The information in this book is already changing my life, and has the power to change the world."
~Mark Stevenson, Vice President, Merrill Lynch


"A stunning book of wisdom, and a guidepost in our quest to discover a more liberated life."
~Joseph Jaworski, coauthor, Presence

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