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Post-program Revelations and Expressions of the Heart...

"The Sacred Passage has been one of the most, if not the most, significant events in my life."
~Bob Burgess


"The Sacredness of this sojourn brings up awe and gratitude, and humbles me... Thank you for helping me heal the fear of a lifetime."
~Robert Wilkinson, Austin, TX

"How each of us connects to our sense of faith and spirit is intensely personal, and I am convinced that whatever creed you follow, however it is that you connect to Spirit and express your faith, spending time alone in nature is a very powerful way of connecting to your deepest sense of Self and can help address the question of "Who am I?" in a deep, rich, meaningful way...
...I went into the Sacred Passage wondering how a major shift in universal consciousness can be achieved, and exited knowing that time alone in communion with nature is a powerful transformational tool, and that if used in the way of the Spiritual Warrior on a massive scale... we can begin the process of saving us from ourselves."  ~David Hodes, Sacred Passage, October, 2008


"The (Sacred Passage) I did with you in the Chiricahuas was an enormous opening for me.  Indescribable joy... came from within."  ~Billie Bolton, Sacred Passage, Chiricahua Mountain Wilderness, Arizona

US-AZ-Chir-SP-Ph-JPM-DSCN0777-women-standing-cliff"I feel deeply changed by the experience in Arizona... I feel as though many more knowings have been awakened in me that have yet to manifest themselves. I feel connected to a wise intuition deep inside me in a way I've never known before. But the main thing I have noticed since the Sacred Passage has been a feeling of fearlessness - not recklessness or arrogance - but just feeling very confident and aware and centered and relaxed about how life is going. It is an incredible, but also ordinary, way of approaching life, and I'm so very grateful to you for illuminating this path for me." ~Heather Purcell, Sacred Passage, Chiricahua Mountain Wilderness, Arizona

"I remembered all those moments in my life that I was truly connected. How it somehow falls into place and makes way for a deeper trust and inner peace. I gave up understanding and started to accept. The idea that this was not without purpose but somehow that it is part of something greater and more meaningful than just me or you. Not only my mind or my thoughts seem to experience that, but my whole being is experiencing it. And that felt like coming home." Nature Quest, 2008


"Nature became my friend, companion, teacher, inspiration. Thank you." ~Phyllis Hughes



 "Although I have returned to my life in Brazil, I feel something has changed in me. It is hard to say exactly what, but I feel a deeper trust in the flow of life, feel more relaxed about life overall, have a deeper sense of presence, and I am, in general, happier and at more peace with myself and with my life. Sometimes I fall back into old patterns, but feel I am able to recognize this and bring back the feelings I had while out on my own in communion with nature. The journey continues…"  ~Christel Scholten, Sacred Passage, November 2006

"I want to thank you for one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Through your Sacred Passages, you provided the environment, program and personal energy which facilitated a quantum leap in synthesis and sharp focus on my purpose and work."
~Kitt McCord, Sacred Passage

NL-NR06-2013-Ph-John grass 143110"The time I spent alone was both wonderful and quite painful. Never have I watched blades of grass dance in the wind for hours on end, felt bolts of lightning in my heartbeat or followed two grasshoppers across a vast expanse of brush. The space to do these things also allowed me to feel the sadness created by what I now see is a separation from my own source of being. It showed me the reactive impatience of my own life and the briefness of the time in which we live the lives that we hold so dearly...
...When I arrived (home) my wife sensed a calm in me that she had never before experienced. That calm; a passion for being present, reflective, loving, and kind, is a gift I hope to carry with me until I return to the wilderness to deepen my connection to the wellspring from which we all have come."  ~Jeffery "Inspired Protagonist", Sacred Passage, 2009


"I would have to say that of all the events in my life - let alone this year... it would be the (Sacred Passage) I undertook in April... which (has) left a deep seated positive impression in my psyche and heart."  ~Jorge Eager



 "I sat watching the whales playing and soaking in the magic of the place (Baja)... It was a most precious time for me, and that kernel remains, ever growing. It's difficult taking that quiet time, living in the city and a part of a family, yet when I take it, it puts a glow on everything else."  ~Lesha Boggs, Sacred Passage, Baja California del Sur, Mexico

"Being in Baja opened the possibility of my relationship (to future husband) up in a way I doubt I would have been open to if I hadn't been with you all." ~Amanda, Sacred Passage, Baja California del Sur, Mexico


"WOW!! I had no idea how much I was missing!!  I left (my corporate job) in August to start my own business consulting full-time in Sustainability!!! It was this Sacred Passage that started the process to begin separating, and I have never regretted a moment!"  ~Darcy, Sacred Passage, Baja California del Sur, Mexico

"The whole week was... filled with pristine awareness, altered reality, fuller being, seeing the wholeness and the inner-being of it all."
~Lesha Boggs



 "I'm back. I'm alive. And I'm a better woman for having spent the last 12 days in the woods, 6 nights of those alone. I don't even know where to begin....  The journey of self-discovery I was on, and am still processing, was one of the most transformational experiences of my life.
When you are in the present moment, there is no pain.  It is the thoughts of the past and future that occupied by mind that cause my pain; The repetitive conversations I was having with myself about people I didn't know, things I didn't care about, and events that never happened.  All of it not based on facts, but rather my Wheel of Fear spinning 'round and 'round...
Sacred Passage with John P. Milton is worth the time, money and self-investment for those of you who are looking for the next leg of your spiritual journey."  ~Rhonda Britten, Sacred Passage, 2007

US-UT-Cany-Arch-SP10-2006-Ph-JPM- DSC0318-Michele
"After clutching at every ray of the Sun in an attempt to release deep contractions due to "cold" and "mind," I finally s-n-a-p-p-e-d out of it... I remembered the JOY of sacrificing for the HONOR of communion with Source and the Way of Nature. Instantly, I was on my feet, oblivious to the cold breezes, because I was dancing with the Aspens.  First, we would shimmy in the breeze, then we would sway and dance as the winds began to gust...
...The natural state of luminous mind is represented by Moon... The moment the Full Moon rose, I visualized it as luminous mind-moon, ever-changing with the shadows and forms and silhouettes of the branches and the trees; yet constantly present in its natural state... I will continue to seek that spontaneous presence, so beautifully represented by the light of the full moon, constantly reminding us of our own natural luminescence...
May the gifts of nature and her teachings continue to enrich ALL of our lives. 'Grant us Peace and Freedom from mental fabrications!'"
~Michele Blackburn, Vision Quest within 28 Day Solo AllOne time, 2004


"Baja still rocks my being with such deep integrative oceanic embrace and peace" ~Amy






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