Praise for the Teachings of John P. Milton


 "John, your work is powerful beyond words. My experience in deep connection to nature has put me completely in connection with MY nature... my authentic self, where the power to make a difference in the world resides. I wonder how many people you have given the opportunity to receive this gift... to learn that nature is not a scary place, but a sacred place; that there is no separation between me and the Earth... that all things are possible, if we just let them Be."  ~Cheryl Esposito, 2007

"What I learned with you and out in nature is so fundamental to everything else I do today. Thank you, always." ~Runa Bouius

"Your teachings continue to guide -- even when we're miles apart. Thank you, dear teacher, for ALL that you bring to the World, and to this humble student."  ~Michele Blackburn, Dark Retreat, November 2009

"John, May the dance of life expand your teachings around the World!  In those of us who have met you, they shine as bright as the Sun."  ~Katja

Vasken-John-Vivien"John is an exceptional teacher, consultant, trainer, guide, leader and expert in organizational transformation work and environmental studies. I have been working with John since the early '90s and I highly recommend him to individuals, corporations, governments and NPOs to work with him to transform their organizations for the 21st century."  ~Vasken Kalayjian, December 27, 2008

"John P. Milton provides extraordinary teachings, guidance and insights for all those who work and study with him. His knowledge of deep ecology, the healing aspects of martial arts and spiritual awakening is profound. I would recommend studying with John and engaging with his Sacred Passage work to anyone yearning for greater self awareness and inspiration. He is a master liberator of your creativity and your true essence!"  ~Bud Wilson, Founding Executive Director, Earth Walk, Nature Centered Life Learning, December 26, 2008



"John is an expert in many fields, from spirituality to ecology. If you have a interest in deep ecology, John is the right adviser for you. We have been doing leadership training in Europe for some years now with a very positive outcome. I highly recommend John as a partner in management training."  ~Göran Gennvi, CEO, Naturakademin Learning Lab, December 8, 2008

"I am realizing my time in the Sangre de Cristos with you (John) was pivotal for me. I am also thinking more about my friend the elk, and what he had to say by not saying anything."  ~Nate, 2008

"In my work, I have relied largely on my intellect and applied "the Harvard way" to the tough challenges that need to be dealt with. The simple techniques that John Milton taught us during a retreat for business leaders provided a turning point for me. It is as simple as slowing down the mind and letting the answers come without effort, and from a deeper source. I think all people - but especially those that lead others - should have access to these techniques. And the earlier you get them - the better!" ~Jonas Roupé, former Director of Strategy, Ericsson Global Services

Bud-Wilson-lake-crop"I owe John Milton a deep debt of sincere appreciation for opening doors of perception and for providing (and co-facilitating with all the spirit realms of nature) numerous glimpses into the vast mystery of Source.
I can assure you that when the desire arises to embrace the truth of who you are, if you are fortunate enough to have the inclination to join with John and others for an Advanced Awareness Training, you are indeed living fully in the moment.  Go for it, jump in!  You'll never regret it."  ~Bud Wilson, Advanced Awareness Training

"It is still too early to conclude the ramification on my life after meeting you. I feel blessed that you came into my life with open arms and such a real and accessible mind and heart.  I aspire to walk a long way by your side.  You inspire me tremendously."  ~Buster Jonas Radvik, Sacred Passage, 2006


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