Nature Quest Sweden 2019


Sweden Nature Quest

 Duved, Sweden

June 8th to 14th, 2019

Revel in the majestic spaciousness of Sweden and experience Sami culture firsthand in this Nature Quest Retreat with John P. Milton.


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Join us June 8th-14th in the wilderness of Sweden, where cultural traditions and reverence for Nature live in harmony.

What is a Nature Quest?

The WoN Nature Quest is a mindfulness and meditation retreat that includes powerful awareness training with a skilled and knowledgeable teacher, and a guided AllOne time solo in Nature. Shorter than a Sacred Passage, the Nature Quest creates an opportunity to receive teachings in a concise retreat that is more accessible to most people. Experiencing a Nature Quest can have a deeply transforming effect on your life. The fundamental purpose is to provide a simple and clear introduction to Natural Mindfulness. Utilizing the core principles of relaxation and presence, this practice helps refine the experiential fields of perception through a conscious, sensorial connection to your natural surroundings.

NO SP06 2014 Ph DSC4409 John meditating samilandThe Challenge

We live in a time with many changes and challenges, but also many opportunities. A time when being in touch with your own inner compass is perhaps more important than ever in contributing to conscious evolution. A time when true revolution, at all levels personal and beyond, is about mobilizing your and other's energy to commit to creating and living through values of deeper meaning. It is our experience that when this kind of collective commitment is mobilized, true change is possible both within yourself as well as in our society.


Allow Way of Nature to illuminate your path towards positive change.

The revolution starts within.

The Outcome

Your Nature Quest and wilderness experience can result in a dramatic reduction of daily stress, an increase in creativity, and a more clear, centered and harmonious awareness, all of which helps you be well equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities that life may have to offer. If you choose to trust, the natural world can support you in the process of unveiling profound peace, self-respect and revelation - your authentic self.

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The Program

This Nature Quest with WoN founder John P. Milton will include a day of awareness training in meditation, qi gong, and energy practices, followed by 4 nights of AllOne time nature solo. Upon your emergence from AllOne Time, reintegration training, sharing and ceremony will conclude the retreat.

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Some of the practices covered are: meditation, Qigong, cultivating and refining the perceptions and senses, wilderness skills, and techniques for transforming blocked emotions. In nature, with its diversity and richness of color, shape, irregularities, smells, tastes and other impressions, our consciousness and our perception has been formed and has evolved over millions of years. By returning to nature and rediscovering our senses with the help of the exercises presented, we are given an opportunity to revive many dormant abilities that lie fallow. Each of us can become more awake and present beings if we train our sensing abilities, release worry and attachment, and allow ourselves to just Be in a state of "alert resting" - Mindfulness in Nature.

The Nature Quest includes a 4 day 'AllOne Time' nature solo; time you spend completely alone with yourself and nature. The practices mentioned above, as well as sufficient time for sharing before and after the AllOne Time solo with the leaders and the group, will help you to prepare and integrate the experience in yourself and your daily life. Your safety and well-being during the Nature Quest is of our utmost concern; in fact, participating in a Passage is as safe as going camping. A uniquely designed "buddy system" with daily checkpoints allow you, your fellow Passagers and your guides to verify the safety of everyone involved, while still honoring your solitude. In addition, a base camp is located nearby, and a whistle call quickly alerts an adjoining solo partner or guide to your site. During AllOne Time, reading, writing or campfires are not recommended. You may fast or eat simple foods of your preference and enjoy the comforts of your own tent. When you remove the demands, habits and trappings of everyday life, the essence of yourself can be revealed.

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The Teacher

Way of Nature Founder John P. Milton will guide you on this Nature Quest with the assistance of WoN Guide Per Jorgelin. John created Way of Nature as a universal path to Liberation, incorporating 12 Guiding Principles which distill the core teachings of the world’s liberating wisdom traditions. His work has been visualized as a red-thread through the book "Presence" (authors: Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski, Otto Scharmer and Betty Sue Flowers) especially within the chapter "Seeing with the heart." 
John has pioneered for western civilization a unique, vital way of spiritual cultivation in nature. His vision quest and shamanic work began in the mid-1940s, at the age of seven.

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As a former Woodrow Wilson Scholar and professor of environmental studies at the University of Illinois, Springfield, John has conducted numerous lectures and seminars on the environment and earth-honoring spirituality within the United States, including at Harvard and Princeton Universities, and more recently, at MIT and Naropa University. He is a founding board member of The Academy for Systemic Change, initiated by Peter Senge and a group of close associates. John was the first ecologist on staff at the White House in the 1970s, working with the President's Council of Economic Advisors.

John is the founder of Threshold, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of sacred lands and The Way of Nature Fellowship. He also created the Sacred Passage process of awareness training, where his 12 Principles are widely taught. He is the author of “Sky Above Earth Below: Spiritual Practice in Nature” and numerous other books, articles, audio and video presentations on ecology and spiritual practices.


Location: Enaforsholm Fjällgård

Enaforsholm Fjällgård offers mountain holidays for the family, the life-enthusiast Sweden Enaforsholmand the adventurer with the mountains directly outside  atthe foot of the mountain. Enaforsholm Fjällgård is beautifully situated at the foot of the mountain Storsnasen surrounded by the mountain river Enan, 30 minutes from Åre, 15 minutes from Storulvån and 15 minutes from Storlien. Here you will find a relaxing and tranquil place in nature! Choose affordable accommodations in our hostel or rent a cottage overlooking the mountains and the Enan river.

For more information:

Sweden fjallgard enaforsholm



  • Saturday 8th June 2019: arrive with night Train from Stocksholm Central to Enafors (in the county of Jämtland). The train stops at Arlanda airport at (TBA) Arrival at Enafors (in the county of Jämtland). Walk 9 minutes to Enaforsholm Eco Lodge. The program will start at 9 am in the large barn at Enaforsholm.
  • Sunday June 9th- Enaforsholm Mountain Lodge Program at Site, preparation for AllOne Time.
  • Monday June 10th- a walk to Solo sites by Enaforsholm area. 3 nights on the solo site.
  • Thursday June 13th- Return to Enaforsholm Mountain Lodge. Sharing and ceremonies.
  • Friday June 14th- Sharing and preparing to ”re-entry” back home. Ceremony, return to Duved and train departure at kl (TBA) Arrival at (TBA) to Arlanda airport at (TBA) and Stockholm Central (TBA). Return is also possible by plane from Östersund to Stockholm on Sunday afternoon, for connecting flights on Sunday evening.


Booking tickets in Sweden: traintickets: + 46 771 75 75 75, flights:+ 46 8 797 4000,

Please contact Per Jorgelin with questions about the program and to coordinate travel plans at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Fee is 801 Euro (900 USD) and can be transferred via PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or directly to Swedbank account 8147-1 914610250-5, State Initials and "Swe" for Sweden. Payment is due on the 30th of June. If you cancel your registration, you will be reimbursed 50% if canceled two or more weeks before the start of the retreat, and 25% if canceled less than two weeks before the course.

10% discount for early registration before the 30th of April!

Young Adult discount: Fee is 441 Euro (496 USD) for ages 25 and under

Meals, transportation, and airfare are not included. You will need to provide your own tent for camping. A complete gear recommendation list will be sent to you following registration. If you would like to talk to someone about equipment, meals, lodging or logistics, please contact Per Jorgelin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SE Sami SP Ph JPM 3627 John waterfall 600px lr cropLeaders: John P Milton and Per Jorgelin
Language: English
Place: Enaforsholm 
Dates: 19.06.08 - 19.06.14
Price: 801 Euro (900 USD)

10% discount if registered by 30th of April

Young Adult discount: Fee is 441 Euro (496 USD) for ages 25 and under



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Event Date 06-08-2019
Event End Date 06-14-2019
Cut off date 06-07-2019
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