Reconnecting with the Three Natures 2019


Teachings on the Three Natures 2019:

Transforming and Liberating the Shadows

Sacred Land Sanctuary • Crestone, CO USA

Retreat 1: August 1st - 14th, 2019


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Join us for a very special experiential course on how to explore and cultivate a deepening connection to your Three Natures: Outer, Inner and True Source Nature. This three-year Advanced Training, offered by our beloved teacher John P. Milton, will be held each August (2019-2021) at the Sacred Land Sanctuary located in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Crestone, Colorado. Between each retreat US CO Cres SP Ph JPM DSC5705 cropthere will be zoom retreat community calls where we answer your questions, share experiences, refine and stabilize the practices and receive selective teachings from John and senior students based on the group’s needs.

To hold the sacred group energy required for these deep teachings, this course will be closed to new participants after the first retreat in August 2019.


2019: Transforming and Liberating the Shadows:  August 1st – August 14th, 2019

In this first retreat, John will be bringing together a wide variety of techniques, and sometimes novel approaches to the connection, purification, transformation & liberation of emotional shadows. A major focus of the retreat will be on practices for identifying, purifying, embracing, dissolving, transmuting and ultimately liberating the shadows. When resting in your True Nature, emotions are simply another manifestation of form – arising as a display of Pure Source Awareness. The display of emotions is closely linked to all of the other eight experiential fields, particularly the flow of thoughts. We will explore the experiences that arise out of the relationship of the emotion, you & the perceived natural SLS stream glen JPM 2018 resizedform. We will support deepening awareness of the sacred sphere/mandala of the totality of your emotional connections, including your shadows. We will embrace the Mandalic Awareness that this field of perception creates, not only of space, but across time. We will learn to follow this Mandalic Awareness of perceived connections back into Source, where it internally arises, and rest in Clear Awareness.

During this retreat we will focus on each of the three Natures:

Outer Nature: The Outer Nature aspect, of the 3 Natures, focuses on refining the senses and the perceptions so our experience of Outer Nature is sharper, clearer & more precise. 

Inner Nature: The Inner Nature aspect is the place of connection between Outer Nature & True Source Nature. This is the level of our consciousness we experience in this lifetime. Our experience of the outer world is always moderated by our Inner Nature. If Inner Nature is clouded or muddied, then our capacity both to clearly perceive Outer Nature & our ability to make a deep connection to our True Source Nature are obscured, blocked and clouded in shadows. Therefore, an important goal of this retreat is to help provide teachings & tools for emotional and perceptual refinement and transformation. The early part of this retreat will provide the teachings & group practices to cultivate these tools.

True Source Nature: Having established this foundation of clear Inner Nature, the latter part of the retreat will focus on deepening the capacity to recognize our True Source Nature.


August 1st: Travel day, there are no teachings. We will all meet for a group dinner at 7pm.

SLS rabbit JPM 2018 resizeAugust 2nd- 13th: Retreat teachings.

August 14th: Travel day.


August 2020: Resting in True Source Nature

This second retreat will emphasize recognizing and stabilizing our connection to True Source Nature. We will essentialize and integrate a variety of approaches to recognizing Source Nature from several classical spiritual traditions. Dates and further details to be announced.

August 2021: Integrating Source in the active flow of recognizing Life

The third Advanced Training will center on continuing the experience of being able to rest in Source, and also integrating that awareness into a wide variety of circumstances and daily life and will focus on the stabilization of the recognition and expression process.The main focus will be on helping people to establish an ongoing capability to maintain resting in Source in the fully integrated natural part of your being. Dates and further details to be announced.

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These are deep teachings. Know that the moment you make an inner decision to attend, that is the moment your retreat experience begins. The commitment to US CO Cres 28Day 2014 Ph IMG 0070 350pxattend opens the process of blockage recognition/release, inner refinement and transformation. You will find obstacles and blockages will present themselves. These obstacles test of your commitment and capacity to go through the Way of Nature training process. This is normal. These blockages are part of the process; they are the opening of your training and cultivation, preparing you for what is to come.

The material being taught within this series of Advanced Trainings requires focus, dedication and respect. It is important that these teachings are received while in a state of clarity and commitment. Therefore, participants are required to attend the full training; you must arrive by and depart on the travel dates specified for this retreat. 


Approval from our beloved teacher John P. Milton is required before registering for this course. Please direct your inquiries and requests to Senior Guide Sandy Skibinski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


In preparation for this course, John asks that you commit to a daily meditation and Qigong / Tai Chi practice.

Cultivation Natural Liberation: Teachings on the Three Natures by John P. Milton. Read and begin cultivating the refined teachings contained in the leaves of thisUS CO Cres SP Ph JPM Hands in Prayer 10 beautiful new book by John.

Sky Above, Earth Below by John P. Milton: Read his book and begin practicing the meditations. You will need to bring a copy of the book or the audio book to each retreat. This original book from John contains essential teachings, meditations and teaching stories.

Begin purifying and cultivating Qi, universal energy, by committing to a daily qigong / Tai Chi practice. If you are new to Tai Chi, Qigong, you can begin with his three qigong DVDs: Cleanse & Build Inner Qi, Cultivating Longevity and Qi Strength & Power. 


For detailed travel information to Crestone, Colorado click here.

 Course fee: Sliding scale fee of $2,700, $2,250 or $1,800

We believe that the teachings offered through Way of Nature are essential for the growth and well-being of humanity and the preservation John at Dolphin seat croppedof our planet.  They have the power to revolutionize our relationship to ourselves, the Earth, and one another, creating a foundation for a society that's rooted in harmony, reverence and abundance. With that intention in mind, this program is being offered for a sliding scale fee of $2,700, $2,250 or $1,800 and so that all who are drawn might attend. Honor these sacred teachings by offering what your heart and honest buget can afford.

When registering, please use the following coupon codes based the amount offered: $2,700 - no coupon is required; $2,250 - enter coupon code Fee2250; $1,800 - enter coupon code Fee1800.

This fee is for the August 2019 Transforming and Liberating the Shadows retreat. It includes the teachings and the zoom call check-ins and teachings. Travel, food, lodging and all other costs are not included in the course fee.


Please contact Senior Guide Sandy Skibinski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She is happy to assist you with any question you may have about this retreat.

N Crestone Creek SLS DSC5922 crop 400px w lrLodging:

Rustic camping is provided at the Sacred Land Sanctuary during the retreat. There are also a variety of housing options in downtown Crestone and the Baca, as well as B&B or Airbnb options through local residents. We do, however, suggest camping for the majority of the retreat so as to fully benefit from the natural healing energies of the Earth in this beautiful, majestic location. North Crestone Creek will provide refreshingly crisp, pure drinking water when used with your water filtration system.

During the group training portion of this program, we will often dine in town. A group decision will be made as to where we will go for meals. If you prefer to prepare your own meals at base camp, you are welcome to do so using the simple cooking facility available to you there. Fresh, organic foods are available from two markets in town. Please note that it is important to properly seal your food in a bear-proof canister if camping! The cost of meals and accommodations other than camping are not included in the price of the program.


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Event Date 08-01-2019 6:00 pm
Event End Date 08-14-2019 8:00 am
Cut off date 08-01-2019
Individual Price $2,700.00
Location Sacred Land Sanctuary, Crestone, CO
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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