Online: 7-Day Nature Quest Program: June 20-26, 2021


Online Solstice Nature Quest

June 20 - 26, 2021

Connect with Outer, Inner, and True Nature

Are you fed up with covid capture?  Join us for a warm embrace of all life, celebrating the Summer Solstice.  You are invited to a 7-day online zoom gathering with John P. Milton, to develop mastery of deep and authentic connection with the elements and beings of Nature.  This is both an online and an experientially-based course…

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Participants of Way of Nature programs report a deeper sense of stillness, vitality, and a refined sense of purpose and creative insight following a retreat.  This is a special opportunity to learn directly from accomplished teacher and meditation master John. P Milton.  This is a hybrid program format that combines online teachings with experiential application in your AllOne time solo, followed by online community sharing and integration time.  The retreat will include Awareness Training to teach you practices to increase relaxation, presence, vitality, and sensory refinement, as well as how to liberate internal emotional and energetic blockages.  John will also combine an introduction to his Twelve Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation with reflective dialogue and guidance on how to bring the above practices into time alone (AllOne) in Nature.  Three days are reserved for you to spend personal AllOne time alone in a sacred place in Nature near your location, to deepen your experience of energetic connection with all life.


Who is it for?

Way of Nature principles and programs have inspired and supported people from many walks of life. From personal and spiritual transformation, to exploring new paradigms in ecology, sustainability, and organizational development, people find inspiration, creative insight, and energy from this Process. We also continue to work with many innovative organizations who have found the Way of Nature Process inspires operational creativity and supports an awakening of how to help the organization become more ecologically sustainable.  At a time when individuals and organizations are seeking renewed purpose, connection and meaning in the world, John’s work is becoming more and more important.  We hope you can join us!



(all times refer to U.S. MST, Colorado time)

Preparation prior to online teachings: 

  1. Watch our 2-part video on "Cultivating with a sacred space in Nature" (  
  2. Read John’s book “Sky Above, Earth Below: Spiritual Practice in Nature,” particularly his first chapter on the 12 Principles of Natural Liberation.  For additional support with these teachings you may consider John’s book: “Cultivating Natural Liberation: Teachings on Reconnecting with the 3 Natures.”  (Both books are available for purchase through the link on the first page of this website).

Sunday, June 20...  

11:00am - 1:00pm:  Intro to the 3 Natures;  Review finding and opening a Sacred Space in Nature; Teachings on the Connection Sequence;  Teachings on Relaxation, emphasizing Deep Relaxation practice in stillness lying down and then in movement (introduction to GaiaFlow).  

3:00pm - 5:00pm:  Cultivating Presence;  unifying Presence with Relaxation;  Purification Breaths Practice; Deepening the Connection Sequence;  utilizing the Connection Sequence to connect to the 7 Elements of Nature; Introducing the 11-Directions Ceremony.

Monday, June 21...

11:00am - 1:00pm:  Q & A on Finding a Sacred Space in Nature;  Teachings on the 6 Empowerments of the Way of Nature;  Qi Gong for cultivating universal energy to connect with Nature and the Elements... (Standing Meditation, Grounding Qigong, Baby Bear Practice).

3:00pm - 5:00pm:  Opening the Heart and Generating Active Compassion;  Cutting Through to Clarity;  Simple Practices to support recognition of Source Awareness (True Nature).  

Tuesday, June 22...  AllOne time in Nature

Wednesday, June 23...  AllOne time in Nature

Thursday, June 24...  AllOne time in Nature

Friday, June 25...  

11:00am - 1:00pm:  Group Sharings, Q & A, and Integration Teachings

3:00pm - 5:00pm:  Group Sharings, Q & A, and Integration Teachings

Saturday, June 26...  

11:00am - 1:00pm:  Taoist Elemental Sound Practices  

3:00pm - 5:00pm:  Rainbow Light Visualization;  Sky Meditation 

Follow up zoom call on July 1, 11:00-1:00, for sharing and Q & A.

During the AllOne time you can either camp solo (use check-in process with some family or friend).  or option 2 is go out from near sunrise to sunset and remain in silence when home and fast from digital media like phone, tv, computers... necessary communications with family in short written notes... and spend a little time each night out in nature in a local environment to connect with stars, moon, night darkness, sights and sounds of the night.  These commitments are extremely important. 


More Information :

For questions or more information, email us at


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John P. Milton Bio:

John P. Milton is an early ecologist, one of the founding fathers of the modern environmental movement. He worked and studied extensively in many of the world’s shamanic and enlightening traditions, beginning with his first Vision Quest at age seven. Since then, starting in the 1950's, John was one of the first to bring a contemporary Vision Quest form into modern urban/industrial/hi-tech culture.

One of his hopes is that by introducing this profound process to the West, many modern imbalances due to disconnection from Nature can be healed. John has distilled the common ground found in many enlightening and Nature-connected cultures; he brings this distillation of deep liberating wisdom and Nature-connected practice into a pathway that is accessible to all. 

John brought this pathway together by founding Way of Nature in the 1970’s. This initiative provides three main goals: 1)  to share a Way of refining our experiential connections to Nature,  2) to provide a clear, universal way to access pure Source Awareness [True Nature], and  3) to offer a direct path to allow our true purpose for this lifetime to be realized. 

 To learn more about the Way of Nature core teachings, we recommend reading John P Milton’s book: “Sky Above, Earth Below: Spiritual Practice in Nature”.  For additional support with these teachings you may consider John’s book: “Cultivating Natural Liberation: Teachings on Reconnecting with the 3 Natures.” We also recommend John's free podcasts available on Spotify and Google Podcastas well as his free videos at and on YouTube.  Links to John's books and podcasts are in this paragraph and on page one of this website.

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Event Date 06-20-2021 11:00 am
Event End Date 06-26-2021 5:00 pm
Registration Start Date 03-10-2021
Cut off date 06-19-2021 3:00 pm
Individual Price $777.00 USD
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