Arizona's Chiricahua Mountain Wilderness

Located in Southeast Arizona near the borders of Mexico and New Mexico, the isolated Chiricahua Mountains have played host to Vision Quests for thousands of years, accompanied by red-tailed hawks and golden eagles soaring among peaks at eight and nine thousand foot elevations.



"The (Sacred Passage) I did with you in the Chiricahuas was an enormous opening for me.  Indescribable joy... came from within."  ~Billie Bolton, Sacred Passage, Chiricahua Mountain Wilderness, Arizona


The Chiricahuas are one of Way of Nature’s favorite base camps and Nature Quest/Sacred Passage destinations. The lush old growth canyon forests and cool streams adorn the landscape where an ancient volcano erupted 27 million years ago. Today this remote wilderness is home to golden eagles, trogons and even coatimundis. These lovely mountains combine the amazingly rich plant communities of the Rockies from the north, the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts to the west and east, and the subtropical Sierra Madre Mountains to the south.

A Sacred Passage or Nature Quest here immerses you in one of the most remote, pristine and beautiful areas in the American Southwest.

US-AZ-Chir-SP-Ph-JPM-DSCN0146-edit-lrDoing a solo wilderness retreat here has provided support for many people seeking greater creativity & clarity, renewed energy and a pathway for their life purpose to open. Many report a feeling of liberation from suffering, leading to a more peaceful, fulfilling and tranquil life.  John has discovered ancient stone meditation seats throughout this ancient vision quest valley, which he will teach you to use during your Awareness Training. Numerous individuals have accomplished profound spiritual openings with the help of these primordial shamanic sites.

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During your awareness training and wilderness solo, known as AllOne time, you will learn powerful and practical ways to transmute old patterns and habits.  With no cell phones, reading, writing or distractions during your solo, you have a unique and rare opportunity to be in an environment that supports you in your quest for presence and Source awareness.  It's just you and the glorious gifts of contemplative and energy practices, surrounded by the magnificence of Nature. Participants emerge from this experience refreshed with a radiant and joyful new vitality to meet life’s challenges.

Our private base camp cabins, constructed of local stone, are located next to the Chiricahua Wilderness Area.  They provide comfortable support during Awareness Training with a full kitchen, refrigeration, shower and camping facilities. A lovely stream flows through our retreat center, making stream bathing possible, and deep pine forests surround us - filled with ideal locations for our outdoor Awareness Training prior to your AllOne time.


"I feel deeply changed by the experience in Arizona... I feel as though many more knowings have been awakened in me that have yet to manifest themselves. I feel connected to a wise intuition deep inside me in a way I've never known before. But the main thing I have noticed since the sacred passage has been a feeling of fearlessness - not recklessness or arrogance - but just feeling very confident and aware and centered and relaxed about how life is going. It is an incredible, but also ordinary, way of approaching life, and I'm so very grateful to you for illuminating this path for me." ~Heather Purcell, Sacred Passage, Chiricahua Mountain Wilderness, Arizona


Like a big hug from an old friend, the Chiricahuas will embrace your senses and renew your natural spirit!



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