Baja California del Sur, Mexico

Wild Pacific Coast

Way of Nature's Winter coastal Sacred Passage retreats take place in tropical Baja California del Sur, the southernmost part of the Baja peninsula. Sea and coastal bird life abound along the exquisite white sand beaches where Baja's western shores join the open Pacific. 


MX-Baja-SP-Ph-JPM-John-Tai-Chi-whale-DSC0020-edit-squareTwo of the region's most important qualities for Sacred Passage are it's spectacularly beautiful coastline and it's warm winter temperatures.  Often during this season, whales and dolphins come in close to shore to visit with solo passagers... If you are blessed by such a communion, the experience will last your whole life.

Enhanced by coastal mountains, amazing rocks, high bluffs overlooking the sea, powerful waves, and white sand beaches, one naturally meditates on the spaciousness of this setting and it's continually changing displays of light and cloud, waves and wind.  The views of the vast sky and ocean assist you in deepening your actualization of Source Awareness. 

"I sat watching the whales playing and soaking in the magic of the place... It was a most precious time for me, and that kernel remains, ever growing. It's difficult taking that quiet time, living in the city and a part of a family, yet when I take it, it puts a glow on everything else."  ~Lesha Boggs, Sacred Passage, Baja California del Sur, Mexico

MX-Baja-AAT03-2004-Ph-JPM-2839A 12 day Sacred Passage retreat here includes Nature Meditation, Source Awareness Training, and a supported 7-day Nature solo known as "AllOne time" to deepen the teachings you will receive from Way of Nature founder John P. Milton.  The location for the Meditation and Awareness Training portion of the retreat may vary depending on the group and availability.  However, recent retreats have taken place at La Alianza Oceanside Villa in the small town of Pescadero, near Todos Santos.


MX-Baja-SP-Ph-JPM-Baja-group-on-beach-longview-golden-light-DSCN5479-editThe Nature and Awareness Training before and after your solo AllOne time is deep and soul-enlivening. John will teach extensively on Shamanic, Taoist and Himalayan practices that open profound connections to Source Awareness, inner and outer Nature, and the Elements. Other teachings include emotional transformation practices, wilderness skills, overtoning, and the Eleven Directions Ceremony. 

Your AllOne wilderness solo is on a secluded beach or ocean-side hilltop overlooking the clear, expansive Pacific Ocean.  Majestic whales and playful dolphins accompany you below as you're bathed in sunlight and ocean breezes. Bird life abounds, and a powerful ocean inspires communion with the depth of your Being. Watching the sunsets from these secluded beaches is incredible. From each solo site, clear skies stretch out over the vastness of the Pacific Ocean - opening your Heart and merging your Spirit with sky and ocean's spaciousness and light.





"Baja still rocks my being with such deep integrative oceanic embrace and peace" ~Amy




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