Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

Brazil was the host for Way of Nature's first Guide Training in 2012.  This took place in the magical Chapada Diamantina region, where natural diamonds mingle with pristine waters, creating an atmosphere that is both enchanting and immensely powerful. 

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Way of Nature Brasil is a network of like-minded souls who are passionate about exploring the interconnectedness of inner and outer nature, and sharing that experience with others.  Although there are no active programs in Brazil at this time, we wish to further explore this region in the near future.  Stay updated and join the WoN Brasil movement at!

   BR-Chap-GT04-2012-Ph-Marina-Minari-WoH BR MATUTU BR-Chap-GT04-2012-Ph-Marina-Minari-JOHN DEBRIEFING

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