Colorado's Celestial Mountain Ranges

Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Sacred Passages in Southern Colorado are most often conducted in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Crestone, so named for the deep reddish alpine glow that lights them up with a brilliant reddish-gold hue at sunset. This region is one of the most remote and dramatically beautiful areas in North America. Solo sites range in elevation from 8,600 to 12,000 ft, with majestic peaks reaching over 14,000 ft towering above. 


Lively streams, mountains and meadows are home to abundant wildlife. Herds of elk, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats graze the high country, while pronghorn antelope and mule deer roam the foothills and open valleys. Forests of sweetly fragrant ponderosa pine, pinion, spruce, fir and aromatic juniper paint the landscape up to 11,000 feet.



Our 210-acre base camp, the Sacred Land Sanctuary, is located just outside of the town of Crestone, and is centered in one of North America's most sacred areas. This land has been used for vision quests, meditation, prayer and spiritual ceremony for millennia. Because of it's spiritual uniqueness, the land is particularly suited to in-depth shamanic trainings, longer Awareness Trainings, Sacred Passages, Vision Quests, and Guide Training intensives.


The base camp offers shaded camping, clear water from the nearby stream, a simple cooking facility, and the perfect atmosphere to host Awareness Training.  Solo sites for AllOne time are scattered around the Sacred Land Sanctuary amongst twisting pines, towering Ponderosas and meditation-amplifying stone seats.  Each site is unique and offers a different experience, from soft, grassy meadows, to invigorating stream sites, to contemplative caves or rocky bluffs with expansive valley views.



"I am realizing my time in the Sangre de Cristos with you (John) was pivotal for me. I am also thinking more about my friend the elk, and what he had to say by not saying anything."  ~Nate, 2008

 US-CO-Cres-Ph-ABG-Rainbow-sunflower-6397-verticalUS-CO-Cres-Ph-ABG-Autumn-Aspen-fall-DSC0440With the changing seasons come unique blessings... Rainbows may guide you to an enduring vision of the interconnectedness of inner and outer nature in the Spring and Summer, while splendid golden Aspen illuminate your body and spirit as they dance with the sun in Autumn. This experience of deep communion with all of Nature is a primary focus of your Awareness Training.  In an equally important aspect of the training, you will learn how to accomplish a deeper realization of your Source Essence beyond all names and forms. 

The towering mountains and the vastness of the sky offer spacious qualities that inspire the realization of the immensity and clarity of your inner 'sky-like' awareness.

As Way of Nature's most active location, the Sacred Land Sanctuary in Crestone, Colorado, hosts a variety of programs, including a day or weekend of Natural Renewal, Nature Quests, Sacred Passages, 28 day and 44 day AllOne solos, Vision Quests, and Guide Trainings.  Completing a program here is truly a mind and heart opening experience that will leave a memorable imprint on your life and very being.

 Travel Information to the Sacred Land Sanctuary



"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike." ~John Muir

 Photography by Autumn Brooke Grinath


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