Costa Rica

Osa Peninsula’s Primary Rainforest & Coastal Habitat

The Osa Peninsula was noted by National Geographic as the most biologically intense ecosystem in the world, and is home to at least half of all species in Costa Rica. Sacred Passages and Nature Quests here are held on the edge of the 42,000 hectare Corcovado National Park, which is home to almost 400 species of birds, 140 species of mammals, 116 species of amphibians and reptiles, over 500 species of trees, and more than 6,000 species of insects.

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Engaging in a Way of Nature program in this renewing environment will teach you how to come into a deep state of relaxation while simultaneously cultivating a profound experience of Presence. 

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Awareness Training takes place at the remote and exotically beautiful eco-resort, Luna Lodge, where John P. Milton will teach you a variety of techniques to guide you on your AllOne wilderness solo during Sacred Passage or Nature Quest Retreats. 

CR-Osa-Luna-Lodge-Copyright-RM DG amphibians-136-verticalEach morning begins with Qi Gong and Gaia Flow, which supports the release of emotional and energetic blockages stored within your mind and body, bringing you into a unified state with all that surrounds you.  You will learn to strengthen and refine your senses as tree frogs and exotic birds co-create a symphony around you.  Other teachings may include various shamanic techniques, emotional transformation practices, wilderness skills, overtoning, Elemental cultivation practices that are unique to Way of Nature, the Eleven Directions Ceremony, and ways to make a heart connection to other species.


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Photography by Deep Green Photography, courtesy of Luna Lodge.  Visit for details about this amazing eco-resort!

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