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Way of Nature Netherlands is a ecologically and spiritually conscious community aimed at deepening our connection with inner and outer Nature.  We are pulled by a deep longing for an authentic connection with oneself, others, the natural beauty of this world, and ultimately the Source of all life.


People from diverse experiential backgrounds feel that this is a journey that is important in this lifetime, as it has the potential force to heal our relationship with the planet, enhance spiritual development, and foster the inspired creativity and leadership that is so needed in our society.  We strive to be an inspiration to all cultures, to explore our interconnectedness, and to facilitate transformation, both internally and globally.

NL-NR06-2013-Ph-group-115519Apart from organizing and facilitating annual Sacred Passage retreats with John P. Milton in the Netherlands, we also offer Days of Natural Renewal.  These are 1 or 2 day introductory group programs meant to renew and rejuvenate your connection with inner and outer nature through concentrated awareness training and AllOne time in Nature.

We also organize Community meetings to connect and inspire, and are in the process of developing more activities aimed around both personal and organizational transformation.  In keeping with the integrity of Way of Nature, these meetings take place outside and include solo time in Nature.

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Our retreats, natural renewal programs and meetings are hosted in several prime locations in Dutch nature that are supportive of the Way of Nature process.  We have held a Nature Quest in Drenthe near a Sacred Site with a Hunebed (5000 year old Megalitic Stone Beds), as well as in Brabant near 3000 year old Burial Mounds, and in the nature of Maarn, also near Sacred Sites with prehistoric Celtic Fields.

Way of Nature Netherlands was initiated by Annemieke Wiercx and Richard Wentzel after they experienced the power of a Sacred Passage from John Milton in Baja California, Mexico.

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If you would like to learn more about the offerings, vision, and upcoming events of Way of Nature Netherlands, please visit www.wayofnature.nl 

For more specific details or event registration, email Annemieke or call her at +31 (0)6 54660023 or email Richard or call him at + 31 (0)6 29561373



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