Utah's Unspoiled Canyonlands

Beautiful red, white and orange slickrock canyons, waterfalls, extraordinary rock arches and other stone formations create one of our favorite places to enter the Sacred Way. You experience a land that evokes visions of dinosaurs and ancient beings, whose shapes are echoed in the formations of the canyons. Explore the mystical qualities and distinctive energies hidden within the radiant red rock canyons by immersing yourself in it's beauty on a Sacred Passage or Nature Quest retreat!



Retreats here embrace the vast spaces and natural luminosity of Utah's Canyon Country. The special qualities of the land, merged with unique training by Way of Nature founder John P. Milton, open the gateway to your soul's recognition of the Primordial Awareness that underlies all Being.

Allow the ever-changing rainbow of pastels that wash over the land to cleanse and renew your spirit, unleashing the light-being within.  This location has a strong heart energy that purifies those that delight in it's unique light by day and dance beneath it's blanket of stars by night.  The expanse that one experiences here physically is effortlessly embodied, inspiring deep openings on the internal plane. 

We usually host 1 to 2 programs in this location per year.  A Canyonlands Sacred Passage retreat comes highly recommended by those that have had the opportunity to experience one.  Join our mailing list to keep updated on upcoming retreats in Canyonlands as well as many other magical locations!




Photography by John P. Milton and Autumn Brooke Grinath