Sacred Land Sanctuary

US-CO-CRES-2014-Ph-ABG-8898-Dolphin-seat-300px-lrWay of Nature formed the Sacred Land Sanctuary (formerly named Sacred Land Trust) to help conserve land that has unique sacred qualities that are beneficial to spiritual exploration and growth.  These are environments that have been used throughout history as sacred sites for vision questing and spiritual transformation.  The ancient wisdom within these settings continues to aid personal and cultural transformation through modern-day wilderness excursions, such as those offered by Way of Nature. 

Through conservation efforts, these sacred lands can be protected from development, pollution, and misuse, and continue to serve as safe and supportive environments for the diverse ecosystems within, and for the deep spiritual unfoldment of their visitors.

The initial land that WoN is striving to protect through this conservation effort is just north of the town of Crestone, Colorado, USA.  This powerful environment has a rich ancestral history which, to this day, can be sensed by those attuned to the subtle energies living within the land's ancient twisted pinyons and unique geomancy.  Those that experience a Sacred Passage here report feelings of deep peace, mental clarity, and a release of energetic and emotional blockages.  It is certainly a land worthy of our deepest respect and protection.US-CO-Cres-SP-Ph-JPM- DSC1245-crop-300pxUS-CO-CRES-2014-Ph-ABG-8822-SLS-sign-300px-lr

In 2013, an Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign was launched to raise funds to protect this sacred land near Crestone, CO.  Thanks to the contributions of many loved and valued donors, we were able to raise $25,718, bringing us remarkably closer to our goal of $80,000, which is the amount needed to fully transfer the deed into the hands of the certified non-profit organization Threshold, Inc.  Our fund-raising efforts continue as we pledge to follow through with our goal of creating a completely non-profit owned sanctuary for spiritual realization and environmental protection!

Our future goals for Sacred Land Sanctuary are to preserve and protect sacred lands across the globe.  There are many environments that have been protected for their natural beauty, fragile ecosystems, for watershed protection or even recreation, but very rarely are places so respected for their sacred uniqueness.  We wish to conserve places that are not only stunning and biologically diverse, but that are energetically powerful and steeped in a rich history of spiritual advancement.

US-CO-Cres-SP-Ph-JPM-John-cave-SLS1383-300pxAll peoples from all cultures and backgrounds will be welcomed at these sacred sites.  The inherent spiritual qualities of each site will determine it's natural carrying capacity and wisest, most loving uses.  We encourage activities that nurture the essence of the sacred in these places, such as Sacred Passages, Vision Quests, Meditating with Nature, and Spiritual Pilgrimages.  Casual sightseeing and tourism are not appropriate to sacred places and will be discouraged.  Local councils (called Sacred Land Stewards), made up of those with deep respect for the land and understanding of it's unique sacred qualities, will help guide the protection and renewal of each site.

"What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another."
-Mahatma Gandhi

We are grateful for any and all assistance you may be willing and able to contribute to our work! 
If you would like to contribute to this effort or learn more about our affiliate 501 (c) (3) organization Threshold, Inc. please visit:  All contributions to Threshold, Inc. are tax-deductible. 

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Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.  ~John Muir

The following letter is John P. Milton's invitation for you to help protect the Sacred Land Sanctuary in Crestone, CO: 

Dear Friends of Way of Nature,US-CO-CRES-SP-Ph-JPM-1244-John-sky-seat-300px

I have been deeply moved by all the wonderful times I've spent with you over the past few years. Attendance at many of our programs, particularly the special Sacred Passage teachings, has grown considerably. Each year, more and more people go through the Advanced Awareness Trainings and sacred wilderness experiences. Numerous visitors from many spiritual traditions are astounded by the special qualities they discover here.  Indeed, our fellowship has experienced blessings and powerful transformation.

You are invited to take an active role in finalizing the preservation of the single most important land enjoyed by Sacred Passage participants and the Way of Nature fellowship, in Crestone, Colorado.  Now, more than ever, it is vital to protect and safeguard this world-class Sacred Place.  As pressures from explosive population growth combined with short sighted political agendas and economic expediency undermine principles of land preservation, caring citizens must take action.  It is time to hold this property in trust now, for the land, and for generations of spiritual seekers to come.

US-CO-Cres-SP-Ph-JPM- DSC1413Let me tell you a little about how important these sites are... Over the past twenty years, visitors have come to these lands from every continent on Earth and from virtually every state in our country.  Elders and Shamans from many of North America's Indian Nations have also journeyed to our land on sacred pilgrimage.  Many of them have come specifically to do Awareness Trainings with me, and receive the extraordinary transmissions from the stone meditation seats our Sacred Land Sanctuary in Crestone is trying to preserve. These visitors were preceded many thousands of years by countless spiritual seekers and Shamans, who came to this precise area for their sacred ceremonies, prayers, meditation retreats and vision quests.  The rich history of spiritual dedication that embraces this land makes it truly a place of sanctity.

I believe that by protecting these Sacred Sites, we take a first definitive step toward committing our culture to the realization and honorance of Nature as the church, as the temple. We have done much to protect lands for wilderness, biodiversity, recreation, watershed protection and for wildlife, but until now we have never set aside natural land simply because it is Sacred.

Given the overwhelming ecological crises now facing all the species with which we share this planet, the time is upon us to put our priorities in order and place our emotional energy and financial resources where they belong — protecting the original places of worship and spiritual opening that were created directly by Great Spirit and Nature.

Your assistance with our fund-raising can make a crucial difference in helping heal the Earth and ourselves. Not only will you be helping preserve one of our Continent's greatest living natural temples, but also helping create a crucial cultural model for our society to follow.  By setting an example, we can potentially help protect many sacred natural places throughout our small, fragile, and incredibly beautiful planet.  I feel it is imperative to act quickly and decisively.  Since my arrival in Crestone, over twenty years ago, the town has grown from forty or fifty people to over a thousand.  The cost of land in the area has been increasing exponentially as more and more people discover its extraordinary spiritual and natural qualities. 

If any of you can continue to help this vital work with time, money or your good prayers, all of Gaia will celebrate your kindness. 

May you walk in balance and beauty with each other, Great Spirit and Mother Earth,

John P. Milton