44 Day AllOne nature solo

The 44 Day AllOne solo provides an opportunity to cultivate the realization of one's essential union with Gaia (Mother Earth) and enter into the direct experience of Primordial Source Awareness. With this amount of time away from human culture: technology, society, family, and friends - you get a rare opportunity to relax, enter deep presence, experience your true nature and open your heart to receive and emit profound love for all of life.





This Advanced Awareness Training process includes:

  • 7-10 Days of pre-training with John, if there are at least 4 participants.  Otherwise, training will be integrated into weekly check-ins during AllOne time.
  • A 44-day wilderness solo (AllOne time) - Each participant selects their site before starting and will spend the 44 days at this location.
  • Two three-night/four-day intensive 'Vision Quest' rites of passage (no sleep, no food, little water, no shelter, in an 8-foot circle). One during the full moon and one during the new moon.
  • Weekly check-ins and training with John at your solo site
  • Reintegration period of at least one week at base camp.  This allows you to process and begin the integration of your experience. During this time, John provides personalized reintegration training to support your return into modern society.  These reintegration days are added onto the formal retreat time listed here.


Through alone time in nature and daily cultivation practices to help liberate blockages, participants will begin to awaken pristine awareness of one's true nature. 

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Advanced practices taught by John P. Milton include:

  • The cultivation of Universal Energy from several Shamanic Traditions and from Geomancy
  • Shamanic and Tantric based approaches to Life Force and Spiritual Cultivation
  • Energy cultivating practices from ancient Taoism, including Qi Gong and T'ai Chi
  • Techniques for unblocking, purification, transformation, transmutation and liberation of emotional and energetic blockages
  • Practices to address the relentless grip of ego-based being
  • Unique ways of cultivating recognition of pure Source Awareness
  • Universal/Interfaith-style Sacred Ceremony and Appreciative Prayer
  • Interfaith approaches to connect and harmonize the Elements: External, Internal and Secret  



The 44 Day AllOne time gives participants an unique and extraordinary freedom to dissolve and transmute emotional and energy blockages that hold them back in their day-to-day life.  This transformational experience provokes a change that would likely be unobtainable while submerged in modern society.  This is truly a life-changing retreat that will radically influence your perspective on yourself and the world, enabling you to navigate your way through life with profound peace, presence, connection and awareness!


Due to the challenges and rigor of this level of training, it is only available to those who have completed at least one Sacred Passage or equivalent training, as determined by John P. Milton.


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