Cultural Pilgrimage

Our Cultural Pilgrimages are a unique blending of Way of Nature teachings with the local, indigenous wisdom and beliefs of exotic locations all across the Planet... 



Pilgrimages are different than Sacred Passages in that they do not include a wilderness solo.  Although there is time designated for personal reflection in nature, the heart of this type of retreat lies in group exploration.  Varying in time, but typically lasting up to 16 days, the intention of a Cultural Pilgrimage is to experience the integration of universal WoN teachings with the ancestral wisdom of the local people and unique sacred qualities of the land itself.


In a typical Cultural Pilgrimage, you can expect to learn the following WoN teachings from founder, John P. Milton:IE-SP-Ph-DSCN3188-John-student-tai-chi-300px
  • John's carefully-developed system of Qi Gong for health, revitalization, spiritual development, and for building powerful life force. 
  • Taoist Internal Alchemy - a spectrum of powerful practices for spiritual illumination at the heart of the Taoist Path.
  • Unique and deeply effective meditation practices that John shares from his extensive background training in the practices of many traditions.
  • The 12 Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation.  With these principles as a guide, at least three hours every day is devoted to learning and cultivating complementary forms of Qi Gong, Advanced Taoist Yoga, Dzogchen, Tantra and practices from other meditation systems.
  • Various shamanic teachings that are supportive of the unique location of the Cultural Pilgrimage


There are many reasons that make a Cultural Pilgrimage worthy of your time and commitment...

ID-Bali-Ph-JPM-Uma-children-DSCN0935-400pxThere is no educational experience in the world quite like traveling abroad.  Textbooks don't give you a sense of how the air smells when it rains, how the sun paints the land as it sets, or how soft the soil feels beneath your feet.  Nor does the Internet entertain your taste buds with an exotic combination of unexpected flavors, cooked lovingly by a Grandmother who has found both purpose and pleasure in sharing her art with you.  It is this delightful and exploratory sensory experience of both body and spirit that makes travel so unique.  Travel allows you to broaden your perspective by personally witnessing the way other people live.  It opens your heart to the deep awe of experiencing a landscape whose beauty is simply incomprehensible on paper.  It entertains you with the playful melody of laughter as a group of indigenous children come up to study you.  There are countless reasons that make travel and hands-on cultural exploration the greatest of teachers.  It's not just education... it is living, breathing, tasting, touching, smelling and truly feeling the experience for yourself!


Participating in a Cultural Pilgrimage with Way of Nature allows you to explore other cultures with a like-minded group of people whose intentions are to refine this sensory experience;  to feel it fully and deeply, and truly apply what is learned to their individual lives.  It allows you to dive into the inner spiritual workings of a foreign society, and curiously discuss and share the reflective feelings that emerge as you consider these new perspectives. 

If you are interested in participating in one of these soul-enlivening and enriching opportunities, please visit the Events & Registration section of our website, or join our mailing list to receive periodic announcements about Way of Nature offerings!  If we do not have a Cultural Pilgrimage in our upcoming events, we may be able to develop an event with enough genuine interest in a particular location.  Please contact us if you have any recommendations!