Way of Nature Guide Training

Sacred Passage Level

August 1st-18th, 2015

Are you ready to deepen your practice and reveal your true Nature?

Last year we had the privilege of experiencing the Natural Renewal and Nature Quest Level Guide Training program in Crestone, Colorado, with a fantastic group.  For many of you, it offered a unique and transformational experience that likely shifted the way you perceive yourself and the World around you. This summer, we are happy to announce that we'll be uniting again to offer certification of the Sacred Passage level.  We invite you to take your journey one step further and join us in the beautiful Sangre de Cristos...



"I owe John Milton a deep debt of sincere appreciation for opening doors of perception and for providing (and co-facilitating with all the spirit realms of nature) numerous glimpses into the vast mystery of Source.
I can assure you that when the desire arises to embrace the truth of who you are, if you are fortunate enough to have the inclination to join with John and others for an Advanced Awareness Training, you are indeed living fully in the moment.  Go for it, jump in!  You'll never regret it."  ~Bud Wilson, Advanced Awareness Training

BR-Chap-GT04-2012-Ph-Marina-Minari-JOHN DEBRIEFINGIn the Summer of 2015, Way of Nature and John P. Milton will be continuing the multi-year Guide Training Program. The course will cover the necessary training for the Sacred Passage level certification. More advanced Teacher Training certification will be available in 2016.

***The program is open to those who have completed the Natural Renewal and Nature Quest level certifications.

By completing this summer's Guide Training, you may be certified to guide all three basic retreats offered by Way of Nature, including:

Core Way of Nature Programs

  • The Natural Renewal Program includes both one and two day programs in nature where participants will spend a good part of the day alone in nature but do not camp out overnight.

  • The Nature Quest program typically ranges from 4 - 7 days and does include at least one or two nights out in AllOne (solo) time.

  • The Sacred Passage is a longer program, typically 11-12 days, including 6 nights out in AllOne time.


If you would like to continue making Way of Nature an active, deeply integrated part of your Life, then Now is the time to unite with like-minded peers and grow into a new future on this sacred path!


BR-Chap-GT04-2012-Ph-Marina-Minari-WoH BR MATUTU The first Natural Renewal Guide Training was held in 2012 in Chapada Diamantina, Brasil. The 2014 Guide Training built upon this to further educate and certify participants for both the Natural Renewal and Nature Quest level programs.

This year's Sacred Passage level training will explore deeply the following Way of Nature Processes, all of which will build your capacity to be an effective guide:

  • The 9 perceptual fields of awareness
  • The Natural Connection Sequence
  • Gaia Flow - An integrated system of connecting liberating movement that is unique to the Way of Nature
  • Qi Gong - Beginning and Intermediate levels
  • Tai Chi for Liberation
  • Rainbow Light Visualization and other tantric level practices unique to the Way of Nature
  • Shamanic practices
  • Natural Element Systems - Training in how Nature's elements are handled in the Chinese and Tibetan traditions and how these can work together to support transformational processes.
  • The unique Geomancy of Sacred Sites, Stone Meditation Seats and how to cultivate inner alchemical transformation (Neidan) with their support.
  • 12 Principles of Natural Liberation in depth

BR-Chap-NQ04-2012-Ph-Marina-Minari-First NQ GROUPFor those wishing to surpass the Nature Quest level and obtain the Sacred Passage Guide certification, completing a 44 Day AllOne Retreat in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains above Crestone is an essential phase of the certification process.  The 28 Day Retreat was a requirement for last year's Nature Quest level guide training.  This more advanced 44 Day Retreat allows students to go deeper into the Way of Nature Principles and Practices, giving them a deep level of authenticity when they begin to guide others through these processes. This 44 Day solo AllOne Retreat can be completed right after the 18 Day Training (August 21 - Oct 3, 2015), or can be deferred to the summer of the following year (August/September 2016).

If you would like to talk to a WoN Guide for details about the program or registration, please call Jenny at 720-470-3065 or email her at .

We look forward to connecting with you on a deeper level than ever before. This is sure to be a powerful program that will help you live a more balanced and harmonious life, and train you to pioneer the way for others to follow!

~John P. Milton and Jennifer Menke

"If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him." ~Gandhi

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