Sacred Passage

Our twelve-day Sacred Passage is the foundational program for Way of Nature. This program offers you an unique opportunity to explore your intrinsic spiritual connection to all of Nature and, ultimately, to the Source of all Being.




You and your fellow "Passagers," a group of three to twelve like-minded individuals, come together in one of the many sacred places we're helping to preserve worldwide. Surrounded by the transporting beauty of your environment, John P. Milton, or a highly skilled Sacred Passage guide, provides 5 days of Awareness Training to prepare you for your 5-6 days of solitary AllOne time, and to help you reintegrate upon your return. The core of these teachings are based on the WoN Twelve Guiding Principles of Natural Liberation, which are essentialized spiritual teachings inspired by many Earth-connected lineages.


“Attune the inner pace of your life with Nature's rhythms through ancient principles and teachings. Imagine yourself alone, deep in a beautiful, pristine wilderness. No distractions, nothing to disturb the tranquility. Alone. All One.”



Some of the practices you will learn are: Meditation, Qi Gong, GaiaFlow, wilderness skills, overtoning, techniques for transmuting emotional and energetic blockages, and the Eleven Directions Ceremony.

These methods from the Awareness Training portion of your Sacred Passage retreat will come into play during your wilderness solo, known as AllOne time.  A typical Sacred Passage includes 5-6 days and nights of solo AllOne time, giving you an unique opportunity to sink deeply into your awareness training teachings in an environment that is supportive of your spiritual process.  The depth of integration between inner and outer Nature that can be achieved is solely up to your commitment and openness to the experience. 

Your safety and well-being is of our utmost concern; in fact, participating in a Passage is as safe as going camping. A uniquely designed "buddy system" with daily checkpoints allows you, your fellow Passagers, and your Guide to verify the safety of everyone involved, while still honoring your solitude. In addition, a base camp is located nearby, and a whistle call brings an adjoining Passager or Guide into your site within a few minutes.US-CO-Cres-Ph-ABG-DSC2809-hawk-sangres-crop-200px

While you're in your AllOne time, electronics and campfires are not permitted.  Also, reading and writing are limited to your notes from Awareness Training and the book Sky Above, Earth Below by John P. Milton. You may eat simple, preferably organic, foods of your preference and enjoy the comforts of your own tent.  Simplification during your AllOne time is essential.  Eliminating the trappings of everyday life unleashes your true essence, allowing the qi energy you gather from Gaia to permeate your body without being drained.




"The Sacredness of this sojourn brings up awe and gratitude, and humbles me... Thank you for helping me heal the fear of a lifetime."~Robert Wilkinson, Austin, TX


Your AllOne experience can result in a dramatic reduction of daily stress, a substantial increase in creativity and mental clarity, feelings of deep peace and harmony, and an enlightening sense of awareness. The profound healing that emerges from this experience increases your capacity for focused engagement in day to day activities and healthy processing of life's challenges!



If you choose to trust, the natural world will bring you profound peace, self-respect and revelation!



View a short informative video on the Sacred Passage: 


"How each of us connects to our sense of faith and spirit is intensely personal, and I am convinced that whatever creed you follow, however it is that you connect to Spirit and express your faith, spending time alone in nature is a very powerful way of connecting to your deepest sense of Self and can help address the question of "Who am I?" in a deep, rich, meaningful way......
I went into the Sacred Passage wondering how a major shift in universal consciousness can be achieved, and exited knowing that time alone in communion with nature is a powerful transformational tool, and that if used in the way of the Spiritual Warrior on a massive scale... we can begin the process of saving us from ourselves." 
~David Hodes, Sacred Passage, October, 2008

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