Source Awareness (Formerly Vision Quest)

Over the past 30 years, for many people the term 'Vision Quest' has come to signify a wilderness solo that is done in a profoundly Sacred Way.  In Way of Nature, we use the term Source Awareness, or Sacred Passage, rather than Vision Quest, to describe our Sacred Passage wilderness solo and Awareness Training programs. We recognize that there is a difference between this type of open, universal sacred experience and the classical Native American vision quest process, which is a different kind of sacred opening. 


Our Fellowship honors all humankind's traditional grandmothers and grandfathers who have followed, and continue to practice, this deeply Sacred practice. Out of respect for our Native American brothers and sisters, we do not use their practice of the sweat lodge, sacred pipe and sundance. Likewise, our solo rites of passage are careful not to borrow from native prayers, ceremonies and rituals. Our training and solo process emphasizes a universal spiritual pathway with universal prayer, meditation, ceremony and movement. Our practices and principles are open to All who come in good heart.all-nations-universal

“It is quite possible that the vision quest is the most ancient spiritual practice on Earth”


Many indigenous cultures have long valued the classical wilderness solo in nature and vision quest as a powerful rite-of-passage and direct way to receive vision. It is quite possible that sacred solo time in Nature and the vision quest are the most ancient spiritual practices on Earth, far older than all historical religions.

Most of these classical rites of passage are quite rigorous and physically challenging.  John P. Milton provides the classical rite of passage experience to committed students who have already participated in at least one regular Sacred Passage program. The student must prepare for 6-12 months before partaking in this 4-5 day process.

US-CO-Cres-SP-Ph-JPM-John-cave-SLS1383Generally, our traditional rites of passage have these parameters: you stay within an 8-foot circle, you may have a little water but no food, you do not sleep, and although you may loosely cover up at night with a blanket or sleeping bag, you will not wear clothes for the whole time. You alternate between ceremony, prayer, various shamanic styles of meditation, and energy-cultivating practices.

John does not charge for his time, his teachings and his guidance in this process, but the student must make prior arrangements with John before participating in this classical Rite of Passage, and prepare fully for months beforehand with prayer, meditation, energy cultivation practices and Way of Nature derived ceremony.

If you apply to engage in this powerful process, your acceptance will be determined by John, who may decide at any time whether or not it is appropriate for him to work with you on that level.  If it is determined that the energies and intentions are in alignment, both John and the aspiring quester must mutually agree to work together in following strict guidelines to allow the deep Sacred Process to unfold.

Due to the challenges and rigor of this level of training, it is only available to those who have completed at least one Sacred Passage, or equivalent training, and that embody a genuine commitment to and readiness for the vision quest process, as determined by John P. Milton.  Please contact John directly to discuss the possibility of undergoing this advanced level of training.

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