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WoN Youth Program


John Mani on Dolphin Seat 2015


The Way of Nature Youth Program is designed for young people from different age ranges. Way of Nature programs such as the Sacred Passage and Nature Quest can accommodate adults and children of all ages.

We believe that young people are the future leaders of our planet, and that they embody potential deep power and tremendous spiritual insight that should be held in a place of respect and honor in our communities. Helping that true insight to open is one of the Way of Nature's highest priorities.

Experiential programs for younger age groups focus on developing sense perceptions and opening children’s natural intuition in Nature. These are more brief, guided outings which provide a foundation and inspiration for longer journeys in Nature as children grow. Supervised solo time in Nature provides opportunity for children’s innate personal connection with Nature to arise. Nature solos start at 15 minutes for kindergarten age, up to one hour for older children, and increases to half day, overnight, and multi-day as youth grow in years.

The Way of Nature Youth Program shows young people how to connect to their own unique creativity and purpose, and how to access these gifts throughout their life. In this experiential program, young people build an authentic relationship with Nature, and learn tools for creating harmony and balance within themselves, their family, their community, and the world.

Way of Nature programs for young people between the ages of 14 to 19 serve as a rite of passage to support the transition into adulthood. We have designed this youth program to specifically address the unique and extraordinary opportunities of young adulthood. Skills and tools learned in this program include wilderness skills and practices such as Meditation, Qi Gong, and GaiaFlow. Participants learn techniques for working with their emotions and emotional blockages, and they learn the Eleven Directions Ceremony for connecting with Nature and seeing their own place in Nature more clearly. To develop these skills and practices more fully and to enjoy time in Nature, this program includes several days of AllOne time, during which participants establish a solo camp in a beautiful wilderness area. (solo sites are all in the same general area and are monitored by a guide). This alone/AllOne time in Nature provides an opportunity to meet and embrace emotions with a sense of self-empowerment, trust, and profound support. Each person's alone time in Nature, and the Spiritual Source that gives birth to all Nature's forms, helps birth a much vaster sense of who and what we all are. As the layers of social influences gradually fall away into timeless Nature, young people have the opportunity to listen to their soul and the whispers of the Earth to understand one’s unique gifts. They gain insight into how they can contribute to our world in a way that gives them a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.

Except for the AllOne time, groups in the Youth Program camp at a base camp and enjoy sleeping under the stars, and enjoy the fun of camping out with peers. No previous camping experience is necessary. There is also relaxed free time to socialize or to take personal time for rest or reflection.

The Way of Nature Youth Program is a journey of self-discovery, inspired by Nature, empowering youth to know themselves and to live life with joy and purpose.

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